Recover Emptied Mac Trash to Get Lost or Deleted Files Back

Lots of users may empty their Mac trash once they move the “useless files” in the trash immediately. Some “old hands” at Mac even use “Command+Delete” to delete the “useless files” directly-this operation means the files will not be in the Mac trash but deleted from Mac “forever”.

Be curious about why I use double quotation marks for the useless files? Yes, maybe you can get the answer-some files which are still needed may be in the useless files but they are gone due to the deletion I mentioned above. In these cases, how to recover emptied Mac trash and get the deleted files back?

Recover Files from Emptied Mac Trash with uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac

Maybe you also notice that I use the double quotation marks for the word “forever”. Is this means we can get the lost files back? The answer is definitely yes! Compare with other types of data recovery software, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac has the ability to search, find and recover the “physically existing” files on your Mac hard drive even you empty your Mac trash or format your drive. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac supports almost all kind of formats you can count out like PNG, JPEG, MP4, MP3, RMVB, M4A, ZIP, DOC, DOCX, etc. With it, all you need to do is going to take a cup of tea or coffee and do some simple clicks to get back your lost files.

Things You Need to Learn-Why the Emptied Trash Files Can Be Recovered

Mac trash, aka trash or trash bin, is designed for users which are storing the deleted files. Users can get back the files from Mac trash once they find that the files they deleted are still needed. In generally speaking, Mac trash can help users to avoid the accidental deletion and save the files. But, many situations is that users think the files they delete are no needed anymore, once they move them to Mac trash, they emptied the Mac trash so fast that a couple of hours later (or a few days later) they realize that some of the useful files are also deleted by themselves. At this moment, they may need to get them back.

But most of the users are not the professor who can deal with this complicated situation-the files cannot be found anywhere on the computer. Is it possible to get them back? Yes, actually the files are still stored on the computer-as long as they are not overwritten by new files, users still have the chance to get them back. But how? Here we come to the point-data recovery software.

With data recovery software, users can get the files back because the software use some hi-tech algorithms to search the files all over the Mac hard drive (or device which you lose your files) and recover them. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac I mentioned above is one of the best data recovery tool.

How to Recover Mac Lost Files

Step 1: Install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on Your Mac

Don’t look down upon this step though install software is just a piece of cake for users. If you install it on the path which the lost files were stored before, the data overwritten situation I mentioned above will be caused and you will lose the chance to recover the lost files. So you need to install it on a safe place to avoid data overwritten problem.

Step 2: Choose the Drive/Device to Scan

After installing the software, run it. Users will find that their drives or device which they connect with their Mac will be shown at the bottom of the interface. At this moment, simply choose the one you want to scan and click the button “Scan” to operate scanning.

Step 3: Preview and Recovery

After scanning is finished, users will find that many found files are listed on the left side. Choose one of them to preview (only for photo files) to judge if it is the one you want to recover, if yes, click the little in front of the file and click button “Recovery” to recover the files.

Little Tips: Choose an external drive which has enough space to store the recovered files. Don’t save files on the same drive where they were lost from. You can also check the video tutorial below to see the easy operation we mentioned above.

Some Useful Tips for Users

1. Users can recover lost files by using Time Machine. No matter empty trash or delete the files “permanently”, once you can make sure you have a backup on Time Machine, the lost files can be recovered.

2. Don’t want to use Time Machine or data recovery software? Then the backup of the file is necessary. In my own opinion, a file backup is the most effective way to avoid data loss problem. So just back up the important files regularly by using a storage device or cloud service.

3. For more details or information about data recovery, users can visit more posts our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio at any time.