Protect Your Precious Memories Which You Capture During the World Cup

This summer is belonging to the World Cup. Think about that you are in the tour in the World Cup and you take the fantastic photos or videos during the games. This must be a wonderful experience in your World Cup trip. But what if some reasons make you lose the memories you capture in the games? What if you miss Messi’s shot? What if you lose Rooney’s assist? What if you cannot find Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty kicks on your digital camera or your storage device?

Any wrong operation will lead to data loss and data loss will ruin your World Cup trip memory ‘cause you will not have any records of your experience in Brazil!

What you need at this moment? You need the solution for solving the data loss problem and rescue your precious memories. Get uFlysoft studio solution now!

This summer, uFlysoft studio-data recovery software protects your digital data and be with you during the whole tutorial of the World Cup.

Let uFlysoft Studio Data Recovery Protect Your Memories in This Summer

As this article said above, some (perhaps most) data loss situation may actually be caused by human wrong process.

There is one thing which is very important you need to keep in mind after you meet the data loss situation: Don't use the device which the files were lost from. If you keep using it, you may cause the data overwritten situation and once this situation happens, you may lose the chance of getting back your files.

Now, I will explain why the data overwritten situation will make you fail to recover your files and the how to perform lost file recovery process.

First thing first, the data overwritten.

In a simple way to explain this to you. You have a file which name "File A" on your flash drive. When you delete it or format your flash drive, the system will not really delete it. The system only frees up the space which was belonging to "File A" so that this space can be used by other new files you may put into this flash drive later. At this moment, you still have a chance to recover your files. If you put a new file which is named "File B" into this drive, the "File B" will take the space of "File A". This is the so-called data overwritten situation. Once you meet this situation, the probability of file recovery will be reduced.

The second thing, how to recover your files.

This is the time uFlysoft Data Recovery needs to stand out. With features which uFlysoft data recovery offers, you can get the precious memories back which you got this summer.

Lost File Scanning Options: More advanced users and those finding themselves in particularly severe data loss scenarios will find the "Deep Scan" feature more useful. This is the more exhaustive scan as opposed to the basic "Fast Scan" method which typically takes a maximum of ten minutes on most systems.

uFlysoft Data Recovery not offer the fast scan but deep scan feature - This will thoroughly scan the drive sector-by-sector although it can take a few hours on today's often enormous hard drives.

Recoverable File Preview Options: Another useful feature is the particularly reliable and user-friendly user preview. When you are scanning a drive for recoverable files, you will not be able to see the original file names. This is not the fault of the recovery software – it is due to the fact that such information is permanently deleted by the directory system when the file is deleted either by emptying the Trash or by formatting the drive. However,using uFlysoft Data Recovery's built-in preview feature, you will be able to preview many types of photo files to see if they are the ones that you are looking for.

Reliable Data Recovery Function: With versatile file system and hardware compatibility, uFlysoft can recover data from any hard drive with any file system installed, making it an ideal solution for those looking for a reliable file recovery solution.

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