Find the Ways to Process Data Recovery after Formatting

“Few days ago, my PC got some problems and I have no way to fix it. So I have to find someone to fix it. Guess what? This guy formatted my hard drive! All my files are gone and this makes me so depressing. Now I would like to know if any way for recovering files after formatting hard drive? (I mean all of my files which related to my works like word, excel, pdf, etc. They are so important to me.)”

Have you ever met this kind of problem? Maybe most of you will say yes ’cause sometimes data loss will be caused by our human beings but not the computer itself. But here we are not talking about what make data loss happen, but talk about how to recover our lost data.

To learn how-how, the first thing we need to learn is that what is data recovery.

What Is Data Recovery

Data recovery means using computer technology in a particular way to restore the files which users were losing from Desktop/Laptop hard drive, storage device like an external hard drive, USB drive, memory card like SD card, CF card, TF card.

This data recovery operation is based on the fundamental of storing files on a device. In our daily lives, people do not know the files still can be recovered even formatting the hard drive or empty the recycle bin. But what we should actually know is that once we make clear how the files were stored on the device and how they were deleted, we will know that the magical data recovery is not so difficult for us to process.

Storage and Deletion

When we store files on a hard drive, the system will ‘write down’ the name, the size of the files on the FAT and store them on the free space of the data area and keep writing the content of the files at the beginning on the FAT. And then write the real content of these files on your computer hard drive. Till now, the files are stored on your hard drive.

Deletion is more simply that storage. When we need to delete a file, the system only make a mark of deletion for this file on FAT to show that this file is deleted, and the space which is belonging to it will be freed up so that other files can take this space. So, when we need to recover this lost file, we only need to use data recovery software to clean the ‘deletion mark’, and then we can get back this file easily. But this is based on there are no new files have been put into the drive which this deleted file was stored before. Once we put new files, as I said above, the new files will take the place which was belonging to the deleted file. This is the so-called data overwritten situation.

Know More about Formatting

Data recovery professional always says that if the data have not been overwritten, it can be recovered.

Because of the character of storing files on a hard drive, when we delete a file, the situation just like I said above-the file is not really gone. This principle is also can be used when we meet hard drive formatting. Formatting sometimes just like deleting files from the hard drive. All the things formatting will do be only free up the space of the files-Not one or some files, but all the files on the storage device.

And also as I said above, don’t put any new files into the storage device which you formatted it to avoid data overwritten.

Data Recovery Little Tips

1. If you formatted your computer hard drive, don’t install the data recovery software on this drive but another computer, and then take your drive out of your computer and find ways to connect it with the computer which install the data recovery software to process the data overwritten situation. This helps in protecting your drive from data over written.

2. If you formatted your storage device. Stop using it. For example, if you format a memory card which is inserted to your camera, stop taking photo. This is also avoiding data overwritten.

3. For choosing the suitable data recovery software, users should learn that if the software you choose offers the free scan function first. And, it should offer professional technical support, too. Moreover, it must be not bringing users the ads and the virus which may do harm to the important data.

4. For more about data recovery information and tips, users can go to our official website uFlysoft studio to get details about solving data loss problems. We are also bringing you the easy video tutorial of data recovery.