Perform External Hard Drive on Mac in Simple Way

"I have accidentally formatted an 80gb external Fujitsu(formatted for window xp)hard drive in my Macintosh OS, while backing by Mac's Time Machine. This hard drive contains family album containing thousand of photos. How do I unformat Mac hard drive data to get back my family album? Please advise urgently. Thanks a million. Rgds, Jay"

Have you even encountered this? If this disaster falls on you, you have to find a way to unformat your hard drive for accidentally formating it. You're possibly very stressed about this situation and that's understandable.

The most important thing to remember is not to do anything else to the drive such as trying to do another reformat or repartition. If all you did was just the accidental format, then it's still possible to recover your data.

You might feel distressed If your data is critical to you and if you've never even done a file recovery before. For this, I would say don't worry about it and you can unformat your hard drive on your own only if you get uFlysoft Data Recovery Software Program for Mac. It can recover formatted hard disk drive on Mac OS X and find back those formatted files (photos, videos, music and documents etc) easily. Whatever Mac users formatted Macintosh hard drive or removable disk on Mac by accident, the Mac format recovery tool will help you achieve data recovery at great ease.

Is it really possible to undelete files from Mac hard drive?

Definitely! When you delete files or folder from your Mac hard drive, the deleted files or folders are still somewhere on the disk in fact. Only you can't see them and they are inaccessible, but they indeed exist. The space occupied by the deleted files or folders are just marked as reusable for new data. They are not really gone until the new files come in to overwrite them. If you don't save new files to the disk where you lost your files or folders, there is 100% success of undeleting the files or folders.

So this is very IMPORTANT: Stop putting any data to your Mac hard drive containing your lost data to keep it original, which can make you a higher rate of success in data recovery operation.

Step by Step for Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

To start with, you should take good care of the formatted drive in order to maximize chances of Mac unformat. Do not attempt to use the disk drive to store or edit data. Do not let it meet physical damage either. All these are to make sure the formatted data is safe (as you know they are waiting on the sectors of the disk to be overwritten).

Next step is going to install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac machine (avoid to install it in the formatted partition)

Open this data recovery program and then choose the formatted partition to be scanned. It would cost for a while if this hard drive has been used for a long time with large information on it.

After scanning, all lost that has been found will be listed out. Then you recover all your needed data. You'd better not recover those data to its original place unless you are sure all lost have been found.


1. After file recovery is finished, build a backup for your files are strongly needed.

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