How to Recover Lost Files from iPhone or other iOS Devices

It happens in our daily lives normally-when you are using your iPhone or other iOS device you may have accidentally delete some files like the photos or videos. What to do to get them back? Or is it possible to get them back? The answer is definitely yes! But it is based on if the users build a backup on iTunes or launch the iCloud Photo Stream. So let’s take a quick look at these two solution fist.

Regular Method for iOS Device File Recovery

Recover Files Trough iTunes Backup

Precondition: Back up your iOS device files to iTunes already.

Method: Launch iTunes and callout sidebar, you will see lot of event you can choose. Choose the device you connect with your computer and then click “Restore Backup”. A dialog box will pop up, choose the backup files you already there and click “Restore”, iTunes will process the recovery operation for you.

Note: In the recovery process you’d better not use your iOS device for avoiding any wrong operation.

Recover Photo Files by using iCloud Photo Steam

Precondition: This method requires the iOS device upgrade to iOS 5.0 and above and the “My Photo Steam” must be launched.

Launch Photo Steam: Click “Setting” → “iCloud” → “Photos”→ launch “My Photo Steams”. Moreover, things still need to do is to click “Setting” → “Camera” → launch “My Photo Steams”.

Method: After the setting is finished and the iOS device will back up the photos which you take auto to iCloud. You just need to login in to iCloud and you can get the photos back if you deleted the photos you took before.

Are these methods help you to get lost files back? I think it may help you a lot but the most important thing is that you got a backup already. What if you did not build backup for your files? This situation is complicated and now you may need data recovery software for iOS device to help in recovering lost files.

How Data Recovery for iOS Device Help You

To be honestly, iPhone data recovery is difficult because of its closingsystem-iOS. It can protects the iOS device will not be infected with virus or be written. This is good for the users because this can make sure the safety of using iOS device but this makes the recovery process become more harder. However, when there is a problem show up, many of solution will show up, too. Use the iOS data recovery software can help you to recover the lost files with ease! There are lots of iOS data recovery software on the net for you to choose, just choose the good quality one and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Run the iOS recovery software to scan your iOS device

Install and run the iOS recovery software on Mac or Windows computer and at the same time connect iOS device with USB cable. Choose ?Recover from iOS Device?. The iOS recovery software will detect and list your device in this mode. Move your mouse on your device and a ?Start? button will shows up. You can click this button to make the software scan your device.

Step 2. Enter into DEU Mode

If youriOS deviceis iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPad 1, iPod touch, you need follow the below steps to enter into DFU Mode to recover more texts with better quality.

1. Hold Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

2. Release Power button but keep holding Home button(about 15 seconds)

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted file

Wait until the iOS recovery software finished scanning the device, you can find all the data found on the your device. All these files are classified and listed in different types on the left. You can choose one to preview. For example, if you only want to preview the deleted text message, you can use the slide button on the right top – “Only display deleted items”. At last, select out and retrieve the deleted texts on iPhone with one click on ?Recover? button.

All of these steps are easy to handle and you will get back your lost files very easy. Now you must be happy because you can get your files back, but not every time as lucky as this time. Build a backup for the files can help you to avoid data loss problem successfully.

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