What to Do to Perform Photo File Recovery on Mac

Nowadays, photo plays an important role in our daily life. It has many uses for business, science, manufacturing, art and recreational purposes. But it is quite common that we may lose our taken photos for this or that kind of reason. Here I'd like to discuss the reasons of photo loss and how to perform photo data recovery on Mac with data recovery software.

Photo Loss Scenarios

  • The USB disconnected accidentally when you are transferring photos from your memory card to Mac.

  • The sudden power off of the machines (camera/phone with memory card or Mac) when you are using them. This may lead to photo loss.

  • The virus infection. If your Mac is infected by virus, you may lose your photo. Even worse, when you connect your memory card to Mac, you may also lose the photos because of the virus.

  • Recover Photos with Data Recovery

    To solve the problems above, uFlysoft offers you Data Recovery which can help you to recover deleted photo with ease. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac supports all camera manufacturers: Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, HP, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Casio, GE, Konica Minolta, and more!Besides, it supports all major manufactures of hard disk drives like Seagate, Western digital, Maxtor, HP, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung and more.

    Follow the “3-step” operation below to recover photo:

    1. Install the free download application on your Mac.

    2. Launch the program, choose the hard disk/memory card where your lost photos were stored before and start scanning.

    3. After scanning finished, click "Recover" and choose the path where you want to store the recovered photos.

    What Data Recovery Can Do?

  • Completely get back your photos of precious moment in easiest way and in less time.

  • Retrieve your valuable photos from formatted hard disk drive/memory card.

  • Cost-effective photo recovery software for Windows regains your accidentally deleted photos.

  • Technically advanced photo retrieval utility enables you to recover photos that are saved in any types of file extensions.

  • Tips:

    1. Do not store the recovered photos in the path where you lost them before.

    2. Build a backup is a good choice for avoiding data loss problem.

    3. Get more details about data recovery on our official website uFlysoft studio.