Prevention of Data Loss and Solution for Data Rescue

Most computer users may meet data loss problem. After this many of them will ask “Is there any way to recover lost data?” or “How to recover lost data?” I’ve seen many this questions on many Q&A forums. And in my opinion, data loss problems sometimes are caused human wrong operation. Any wrong process will cause data loss problem on your computer. So in this article, I will show you the way to prevent data loss problem and offer some tips you may need to recover your files. Now here we go.

How to Prevent the Disastrous Data Loss Problem

For preventing the disastrous data loss problem, some main points I list as follow need to be paid attention to:

1. Backup, backup and backup! Regularly back up your important data is the most effective way to prevent the disastrous data loss problems. The device you back up your files can be a USB drive, external drive, other storage devices, CD or DVD even another hard drive.

2. If accidentally deletion happens, don’t put any new files to the drive or device which the deleted files were stored before to avoid data overwritten situation.

3. Delete some useless files (like TMP temporary files) regularly. De-fragment your hard disk every once in a while to avoid the logical defects which make data unread able problem.

4. Use legitimate genuine anti-virus software, and pay attention to when the software offers the upgrade notice.

5. Don’t visit the iffy websites to avoid any virus infection.

6. Don’t receive any emails which come from the name or address you don’t know.

7. Once you meet the data loss problem, don’t panic and calm down. Don’t do any operations which are unassured or you may lose the data forever.

How to Perform Data Recovery Process

To recovering your important data on your computer or storage device, we can follow these tips to perform data protection.

1. Search the method on Google to find an effective way to perform data recovery. But make sure use the way which does no harm to the drive which contains your important files.

2. Before recovering files, build backup for all of your files to avoid any problems which may be caused by the recovery operation.

3. Choose the professional apps to process the recovery operation but not the freeware. I know some freeware can also do a good job in recovering files, but some others will bring you the ads even virus. Moreover, the professional one can offer you more: 24 hours technical supports, more version of apps for you to choose.

4. No matter what method you choose to recover files, make sure to choose the safest way.

Some Tips May Help You A Lot

Almost done in this article, but I still want to share more tips may help you a lot no matter you are using your computer or in the data recovery process.

  • If you meet the data loss situation, you need to calm down and stop using your computer so that no wrong operation will be taken until you find the method to start data recovery operation.

  • It is no need to empty the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash quite often if your hard drive has enough space for storing files so that any wrongly deletion will be acted which brings you the unnecessary trouble.

  • Be careful when you are using the USB drive or other storage device, don’t do the wrongly operation, for example, don’t pull it out when the files are transferred from a computer to it.

  • The Windows OS has the system recovery option just like Mac has the Time-machine. So you can make a restore point by yourself.

  • OK, that what I want to share with you in this article. For more details about computers or storage devices data recovery technology, you can visit our official website uFlysoft studio.