How to Recover TXT Files on Mac with Ease

A text file is a kind of computer file that is structured as a sequence of lines of electronic text. A text file exists within a computer file system. The end of a text file is often denoted by placing one or more special characters, known as an end-of-file marker, after the last line in a text file.

"Text file" refers to a type of container, while plain text refers to a type of content. Text files can contain plain text, but they are not limited to such.At a generic level of description, there are two kinds of computer files: text files and binary files. And today we just talk about text files-.txt format.

.txt is a file format for files consisting of text usually containing very little formatting. The precise definition of the .txt format is not specified, but typically matches the format accepted by the system terminal or simple text editor. Files with the .txt extension can easily be read or opened by any program that reads text and, for that reason, are considered universal.

With the advantages above, txt is used widely in the world, people use it to mark down the information they need easily without any skillful technology. But as other types of file, txt has to face a big problem-data loss. Today we will find out the main reasons of txt files loss. After that, we will also find out the useful method to recover txt files on your Mac with ease.

Reasons of Microsoft Office Data Loss

TXT files may be one of your Mac's most valuable and vulnerable assets. According to our experience, the primary threats to your txt files include:

1. Hardware or System Problems

2. Human Error

3. Software Corruption or Program Problems

4. Viruses infection

5. Natural Disasters

These five major threats are the main reasons of txt files loss.But fortunately, your txt files which are lost are recoverable. Therefore, a recovery tool is strongly needed when txt files loss has occurred. Here I suggest you to have a try on uFlysoft TXT Recovery for Mac, a powerful recovery tool which can help you to perform txt recovery easily.

Ways to Achieve TXT Recovery

Once you've chose our uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, it's time to scan your hard drive for your lost files first. Just point the program at the hard drive or folder that was holding your missing txt file and start your scan.

Once the scan is complete, you're going to see a big list of jumbled file names. Often most of these files are nothing more than system files that your operating system has created in the course of basic operation, and you won't need to worry about them. You're just looking for the file type and name that matches what you've lost.

Once you find what you're looking for, saving it is just a few minutes work-click "Recover" button, then after a while, your lost txt files will come back to you again.

What's more, not only the txt files, but also other types of files can be recovered by this powerful recovery software, help you to do "data recovery for Mac" easily.


1. Do not store the recovered txt files in the path where you lost them before or you may not be able to get them back again.

2. For more details about data recovery, you can visit our official website to get more useful tips you want.