How to Prevent File Loss Problem on Your Mac PC

It’s hard to think of anything worse than losing all your data and files on your computer: family photos, work projects, personal finances, and other invaluable information can all disappear in the blink of an eye. So why did data loss happen? Is there any method to recover the lost data?

The most common reasons are that you accidentally deleted something, formatted the wrong drive, or that your hard drive is to blame. Other causes include viruses and hacking. The amount of reported virus and hacking cases continue to grow every year and although large amount of government money and effort is used to fight back, this does little to solve the problem.

The best way to save your data is with software. But you need to keep your eyes on the software you can find on the internet. There are many poor and unreliable software data rescue companies out there, some of whom may offer “free” services, but could actually do more harm and damage to your computer and files than good. Choose the good quality one to help you a lot.

Another option is to recover your data with hardware. This option is good for people whose drives aren’t being detected by their machines, have completely dead drives, or their machine can see the drive but can’t access it. Hard drives are becoming increasingly more complex as technology advances, and unfortunately when your hard drive fails there is usually little you can do about it. If you have advanced knowledge of computer hardware and devices you may be able to do fix this yourself through online research and tutorials, but it is best to get a professional. However, this can cost upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s important to remember than any attempts to recover data yourself are very risky, so it’s best to leave it to someone extremely knowledgeable or computer software with a good reputation.

Solution for Preventing Data Loss

As for data and file loss due to hacking, although you can’t prevent a skilled hacker you can decrease your chances of getting hacked and losing all your files by remembering these 5 tips:

1. Create strong passwords and don’t use the same password for everything.

2. Make a separate Apple ID for your iCloud and avoid connecting your accounts like Gmail to other things.

3. Don’t attach your home address to anything public (such as personal domain names).

4. Keep remote wipe for your computers off and always back up your files.

5. Don’t trust other companies’ security and give them a lot of power such as Apple and Amazon because they are deeply flawed; many hackers only need your name, address, and last four digits of your credit card to pretend to be you and trick these businesses into giving out your information.

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