Tips about Backing Up Your Computer Data

Why should we back up our data?

Nowadays, computer data has become a very important wealth of our daily life, no matter personal or commercial. However, however careful we are in using our computer, it is also possible to accidentally delete an important file, unfortunately format the saving drive, or even unwillingly receive a crashed computer. Any one of them can be a fatal threat to our computer data. Therefore, it is really critical and necessary to back up data regularly.

How to back up our computer data?

●Back up the data by ourselves.
1. Spare a qualified drive as the particular backup drive. Of course, it also can be other storage device, such as SD card, pen drive, flash drive and the likes.
2. Partition this specific drive for storing different files. We should save our emails, documents, phone numbers, images, or videos in their own separate partitions or folders.
3. Back up your data regularly.
●Data backup software
Backing up data personally can be really troublesome and inefficient. Therefore, many people prefer to apply data backup software.
According to my searching on the internet, there are many similar backup tools for you, such as EMC Retrospect 7.5, NTI Backup Now5, Paragon Drive Backup 8.5, etc. some of them are paid versions. Some of them are free versions. Some of them are compatible with Windows versions. Some of them are compatible with Mac versions. You should carefully read their instructions before you make your decision.

What if Data Loss Happen and Don’t Have Backup?

What to do if you did not do the things-data backup above and lose your data, what should you do? Maybe you will take your computer to the data recovery service company to ask for help, but this may cost you time and lots of money. So why not try to recover data by yourself?
To do it yourself, you can try to search data recovery software on Google. Here we suggest you to make sure the data recovery software can free download and free scan for you so that you can decide if it works.
So remember, before purchase the data recovery software, try it first, once you find it works, you can recover lost data by yourself easily.
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