Time Machine- The Best Way to Recover Lost Data

The process of recovering a deleted file can be quite cumbersome and frustrating if you are not using the right tools. The Trash Can and Mac’s Time Machine are the first go-to options when such a dilemma occurs. However, the best option is utilizing a state-of-the-art Mac files recovery software. Such a software does all the work so that you do not have to. That said, let us explore all three Mac files recovery options.

When it comes on to recovering a file from the Trash Can, success depends enormously on whether or not the Trash Can has been emptied. If the Trash Can has not been emptied then restoring the file is easy. Simply open the Trash Can icon (double-click to open), and then right-click on the deleted file to select “restore” from the menu. The file can also be dragged from the Trash Can and placed in any other location on the computer. However, if the Trash Can had been emptied, then recovery is a bit more complicated.

Let us examine Mac’s Time Machine. As long as Mac’s Time Machine is up and running on your computer, then should a file be deleted, recovering it should not be difficult at all. Recovering the deleted file is accomplished by opening the Time Machine app and navigating through the timeline to locate the version of the file that you desire. Interestingly, Time Machine is also able to recover lost emails as well as do a full system restore.
Sometimes a search of the Trash Can and navigating through Time Machine might not produce the deleted file. This is when most people turn to a trusted Mac files recovery software to do a deep search and restore process. However, it is not necessary to rely on such a software only for complicated restoration, the software is equally excellent and fast at simple file restorations.

The first thing to do in utilizing a data recovery software is to choose a good one and download it onto a separate partition or drive from the one that contains the deleted file. Doing so will prevent overwriting of data. The next step is to follow the simple 1-2-3 steps on the software to begin the data recovery process. Wondering which Mac data recovery software to choose? uFlysoft is a top choice.

uFlysoft is an impressive data recovery software that is designed with user-friendliness at its core. It is able to recover a wide variety of file types (.docx, .jpeg, .png, .mov, .mp4, .ppt, etc.) from any hard drive. Use this software for all your data recovery needs whether it is a simple recovery (unemptied Trash Can) or something more complex (emptied Trash Can).

After the software has recovered all the deleted files, it will then list them in an easy-to-navigate fashion. Please note that the recovered files should be downloaded onto a different drive or storage device. The files should never be downloaded onto the same drive as the original file to prevent overwriting of data.

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