Ways To Recover A Corrupt Microsoft Office File

For several different reasons, sometimes Microsoft office files get corrupted. A file that is corrupted is damaged somehow and as a result no longer performs (opens and displays) the way it should. This calls for recovery and therefore, whether it is a txt files recovery or an Excel files recovery, the process will basically be the same.

In the Windows operating system, the File Recovery mode often restores corrupt Microsoft Office files. However, there are times when this proves unsuccessful in doing so and other methods have to be employed.

Ideally, one should create and save a recovery file as they work on a document or save a backup copy to ensure that should the files get corrupted or deleted, then a good copy can be accessed for immediate reference. Also, ensuring that the “Auto Save” option is turned on at all times will enable you to recover earlier versions of your work.

Both a recovery file and a backup file can easily be setup for any document by accessing the options from the file menu. However, if none of these two procedures were employed, then we have to resort to recovery methods. If any corrupted Microsoft Office file does not automatically engage the File Recovery mode, then the File Recovery mode can be started manually by doing the following steps:

1.Go to the file menu and select “open.”

2.Select the location to which the now corrupt document was saved.

3.Select the corrupted file from the “Open” dialog box.

4.Click the down arrow located beside the “open” button and scroll down to “Open and Repair”

5.Select the repair option.

If perchance the repair option did not quite provide the results that you expected, then you should do the following:

1.Access the “Open and Repair” menu once again.

2.Select the corrupted file and then click “Extract Data.” What this does is to provide all the readable data that the operating system was able to decipher.

3.Once you have gotten the extracted data, then copy and paste it into a new document file.

get-back-lost-microsoft-office-fileThere are several other options that could be explored to try to recover a deleted Microsoft Office file. Among these options are, reverting the document to the last saved version and using a macro to extract data from the corrupted file. In order to revert the document to the last saved version, the “Auto Save” option would have had to be turned on. If so then:

1.Go back to the file menu and then select “Info” followed by “Manage Versions.”

2.Afterwards, select “Recover Unsaved Documents” from the menu.

3.Finally, select the document that you need from the list.

If none of these options provide the desired results, then a data recovery software might be the solution. One such software to consider is uFlysoft. A data recovery software takes all the hassle out of restoring corrupt Microsoft Office files. They are affordable and user-friendly.
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