The Situation We Need to Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Memory Card Lost Data

Have you ever lost any important files (mp3 files, mp4 files, photos, images, AVI, etc.) from your memory card (SD card, SDHC card, XD card, CF card, Micro SD card, etc.) on digital camera or mobile phone? You are not the only one; data loss from memory card is such a common problem for every memory card user. If you are still puzzled by the data loss and have no idea to deal with this problem, please keep reading and you will be surprised to find that data loss is not such a terrible problem as long as you can find a good solution to recover lost data from memory card.

Command Situation of Memory Card Data Loss

Situation 1: Mistakenly delete files from memory card-I have an 8GB SD card in my Cannon camera and I took many photos with my camera last week. However, when I want to delete some not so good photos, I mistakenly delete some other precious family photos.

Situation 2: Format memory card-I transferred all the files from my CF card to my laptop, and then I formatted the CF card. But I cannot find some important wedding videos when my friend asked me for them yesterday. I doubt I didn’t transfer the videos to my laptop successfully before the card was formatted.

Situation 3: Memory card not formatted error-When I connect my Micro SD card to my computer. The Windows pops up “the card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” I cannot format it because I have many important images inside, but I have no way to access the data if I don’t format the card.

Situation 4: Memory card is not recognized-My laptop cannot recognize my SD card when I connect it with card reader. Then I tried to connect it to my laptop via USB cable, but it doesn’t work either.

The situations above are some common causes for data loss. There are many other reasons would also cause the data loss, such as RAW error, virus infection, invalid portable device and so on.

Steps to Recover Data from Memory Card

memory-card-lost-data-file-recoveryStep1. Download a memory card data recovery tool like uFlysoft Data Recovery; install it on your Mac. (Here we use Mac as an example.)

Step2. Connect memory card to your Mac, and then run the memory card recovery software to begin to scan the data from your memory card.

Step3. Preview the lost files after scan.

Step4. Save the recovered data to any other portable device or hard disk instead of the original memory card.

Why It Is Possible to Recover Data from Memory Card

No matter you delete files from your memory card or format the memory card, or even you encounter with the memory card not formatted error or any other unknown reasons. The lost data is not wiped off immediately but become invisible. In fact, the data is still there but the space is marked as empty one and waits to accept new data. So as long as you don’t add new data to the memory card, it is possible to recover the lost files.
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