How to Recover Lost or Deleted Pictures on iPod Touch

"Why I like iPod Touch? Well…the fashion design, the best quality, most important thing is that it comes from Apple Inc.!" Steve, 24, male, answered the question from the NBC reporter when he is lining up for the latest iPod touch.

Just as what Steven said, iPod is becoming more and more popular in our world because of its good quality and high reputation. With it, you can enjoy the fantastic music and view the pictures about your lover and family any time anywhere as you like.

But as the other MP3/MP4 players in the world, iPod has to face the data loss problem too. Now let's figure out the main reasons and find ways to perform iPod picture recovery.

Reasons of iPod Picture loss Problem

1. Pictures might be corrupted or damaged.

2. Physical damage. (Caused by suddenly power shut down.)

3. System format accidentally.

4. Virus infection. (It may not only make your iPod files lost but also damage the hard drive in your Mac.)

The Possibility of Lost File Recovery

As a matter of fact, when you delete the files from your iPod, even your computer or other storage devices, the deleted files are not actually gone permanently-they are still saved in the device which they were stored before. One thing different is those files space is marked as available for other new files to write over or occupy. So it is possible to recover lost files if you act quickly before the files are overwritten by the new one.

Notes: No matter the iPod, storage devices, Mac or Windows OS PC you are using, they do not provide the recovery option to recover the lost files on their own. Facing this situation, you may need the third-party data recovery software to deal with the data recovery operation.

Methods of Picture Recovery

To recover deleted pictures regards to situations mentioned above, a third-party recovery tool is strongly needed. Here I suggest you to have a try on uFlysoft iPod Picture Recovery for Mac, a high efficient and free risk recovery application. All you need is just following the guidance on official website when you using the application and do a few clicks. A few minutes later, your pictures will come back to you again.

Features of uFlysoft Picture Recovery

  • Support all type of apple iPods including iPod shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod first generation and iPod Nano etc. and other equivalent devices.

  • Perform data recovery even from accidentally formatted iPod memory or accidental iPod data Reset operation performed.

  • Retrieve and restore corrupted, damaged or frozen iPod media files from the iPod hard disk damaged due to human error or any virus generated data loss.

  • Not only recover deleted pictures, iPod Picture Recovery can also restore lost music and videos with high quality.

  • Tips

    1. After picture loss happened, don't use your iPod. Because the old data might be overwritten by the new data.

    2. After recovering finished, don't store the recovery pictures/videos/music files in the path where you lost them before or you will lose them forever.

    3. To get more details about Mac lost files, please log on our official website

    How to Recover Lost or Deleted Word Documents on Your Mac

    Lost your important Word doc files by accidentally formatting the Mac volumes? Or due to partitioning drives using third party tools? Don't panic. No matter what the reasons cause data loss are, you can simply retrieve the lost doc files with assistance of certain Data Recovery for Mac. For example, uFlysoft Word Document Recovery.

    Overview of uFlysoft Word Document Recovery

    uFlysoft Word Recovery for Mac is the best data recovery software for Mac users. It can help you to recover any lost data, including Word doc files, pictures, txt files, videos, audios from many devices and hard drives. It's fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.10.

    Only 5 Steps to Recover Deleted Doc Files

    Step 1. Launch uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac by double clicking the app;

    Step 2. Simply select the Mac volume where you deleted or lost the Word doc files;

    Step 3. Click "Scan" to find the lost Word documents;

    Step 4. Once the scan is completed, click each file to preview whether you need to recover it or not;

    Step 5. Click the Word doc file which you want to recover and press "Recover" button.

    See, isn't it easy to use? Totally simple and safe enough! So why not download this Word Doc Recoveryimmediately to recover the lost doc files?

    Tips for You

    Please Do No computing until the doc files are recovered. Because when your operating system deletes a file, all it really does is mark the space on your hard drive that your file occupies as free space. It's still there, but your computer is now perfectly happy to write new data on top of it. So every time you save a new file—every time your computer writes information to your hard drive—your chances of recovering the doc files go down.

    To get more details about Mac lost files, please log on our official website

    The Right Steps for Users to Recover Mac Lost Files

    Mac OS X has become one of the most popular operating systems for its unique integrated technologies, features and performance. Though the Mac systems are considered very much robust, it doesn’t mean that data loss is impossible, that’s why it is advised to take regular backup of the important data. We may lose data from Mac system due to a number of reasons and need to recover lost data. So, how can we recover the lost data with easy method or useful software? Take it easy, first thing in this article we need to learn is that the common situation which may make data loss happen, now let's check it out.

    Data Loss Situation

    Mac machine malfunction (logical damage)

    When Mac drive fails, we may not get the access of important files and come across strange behavior of your system. The most common symptoms of a bad Mac drive are as follows:

  • File system corruption

  • Disk is unreadable

  • No mountable file system; hard drive cannot be mounted

  • Errors while accessing any particular volume of Macintosh HD

  • The Macintosh computer reboots automatically

  • Human improper operation (human error)

  • Accidentally or intentionally delete valuable data such as Command+ Delete, and emptying trash bin

  • Format HD without backup

  • Other improper operation on Mac

  • Other Problems

  • Virus inflection/ attack

  • Unexpected power failure

  • All the above problems of data loss are logical damages. The drive is physically intact, but we cannot access data, application, and even operating system stored on it.

    Possible or Not-Recover Lost Data?

    Yes, it is possible to solve data loss problem, this is my answer. But you will ask why the lost data can be restored? Actually it is not so difficult to understand. When you store a file in to a hard drive, the operating system will find space on the File Allocation Table (FAT) which marks down the usage of all the space of your hard drive at first, and then write the content of this file on the partition of the hard drive and marks the space is occupied by this file.

    When you delete a file, the operating system will not do any operation to the partition which the file is there, but only free up the space for it. So you still have chances to recover the lost files, but it is very important for you: Don't put anything new into the drive since you know the new data will take the space of the "deleted data" by reading the info above.

    Right Steps for Mac users to do when suffer data loss

    In order to improve the chance to retrieve lost data on Mac, you need to apply the necessary steps.

    If you suspect a physical hard drive malfunction, the best thing you should do is to back up your data immediately if possible. If you can’t do it, shut down your system and take the whole drive to a professional. When you heard a new, unusual sound coming from your hardware like a buzzing or clunking sound, it signs that the hard driver may physically damage.

    Note: Keep your hard drive in a cool, dry environment to prolong its life.

    If you lost data due to the above reasons, stop using the Macintosh hard drive to store any information, as it is hard to restore your deleted data if it has been overwritten by new content. Try to use Mac Time Machine to rescue data, which backups your data every hour. If you didn’t get the data loss back still, you can turn to the third party software for help, such as uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

    However if you have backed up your information regularly, you can restore the data no matter whether it was overwritten or not. It is your best defense against data loss.

    Key Features of uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac

    1. Recover deleted files, reformatted hard drive, lost data.

    2. 100% safe to recover all data loss without damage on your data.

    Flexible to pause, stop, data recovery in the scan process.

    To get more details about Mac lost files, please log on our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    When Do We Need Data Recovery Software to Get Back Lost Files

    It is common that your valuable data stored on your Mac or other storage devices crashes as a result of some problems. That will drive you mad, right? But, don't worry. With the use of revolutionary software applications for data recovery, you will have a chance to access damaged documents easily. So Mac Data Recovery is often perfect to grant backup help for Mac users in the wake of undesirable incidents that may result in data loss.

    But you may ask how to use data recovery software to recover Mac lost data, is it easy to handle? Now, this article will offer you the answer.

    Before we start to recover the lost data, some things we need to learn first-why lost data can be recovered. Now let's check it out.

    Why the Lost or Formatted Data can Be Recovered

    Emergency file recovery requires more than the correct tool, though. It is requested to know how file deletion occurs, and what you have to do to maximize the chances of a successful recovery.

    When a file is deleted from your Mac, it seems you just lose the file forever. Actually, the file content still exists on the hard disk, Mac system simply marks the hard drive space as being available for use so that you can write new files. If you manage to start an undelete process before Windows uses that part of the hard drive to write a new file, all you have to do is set that flag back to "on" and you get the file.

    Obviously, the sooner you try to recover a deleted file, the more successful you'll be. But stop a moment and think about the other things that could cause this part of the hard drive to be overwritten. If your hard drive is pretty full, the odds are much greater that Windows will grab your precious unallocated space for its next write. Or, if you defrag the hard drive, you run the risk of unused parts of the drive being overwritten! (This also means that if you are running silent background defrags services like Diskeeper, or if you have defragged utilities scheduled to defrag automatically, you might get blindsided-lose your chance at data recovery-if you don't halt them until you have your deleted file recovered.

    For that matter, simply starting up OS or, to a lesser extent, shutting down computer causes many tiny files to be overwritten. You really want to avoid these processes if possible.

    Time to Recover Data with uFlysoft Software

    Now, it's time for you to start file recovery operation. Here I suggest you to have try on uFlysoft Data Recovery. Why? Because of the features below:

    Be Accessible to the Deleted Documents from the Recycle Bins

    There are always cases when you would be looking for access to the deleted documents from the recycle bins or file folders? At this moment, having a data recovery program is important. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac will help you to recover any deleted or lost file on your Mac or from any other storage devices.

    Recover Your System from Unavailable Hard Disk Drive

    An unexpected failure of your Mac caused by certain serious errors might fully make the hard disk drive unavailable. However with the proper data recovery application, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, running on your computer or backup devices, the documents may be retained with little effort. As most of the files are stored on hard disk, it is vital to learn that a lot of private data need to be kept in the drive which is clear of any dangerous stuff for you to refrain from any failures.

    Clean Up the System of Excess Documents

    It is in accordance with the truth that data removal is still common at major companies owing to the enormity of data management. With tremendous rewards that one could get from the help of data recovery application, clients can now breathe a sigh of respite with thanks to the correct support provided for them.

    In conclusion, a good data recovery software, such as uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, is able to help you to recover lost data in a quick and safe way. It's always necessary in case you lose any important records on your computer.

    Notes for You

    1. Make sure don’t save the recovered files to the drive the lost files were there ’cause this can make the data overwritten happen. Once this happens, you will lose your files.

    2. Detailed steps of data recovery for Mac you can visit our official website to get by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    Find the Simple Way to Recover Lost GIF Files on Your Mac

    "What is GIF? I'm not so sure if I explain right or wrong. GIF is a picture, but the things in it can move. I also enjoy the funny GIF picture on internet!" John, a student in CA University, explained the GIF in his opinion while he was viewing the funny GIF picture on a website.

    Nowadays, we can always see the GIF on the web, it's funny, yes. But what is that? Now let's learn something of it.

    GIF(The Graphics Interchange Format) is a bitmapimage format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability.

    The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel thus allowing a single image to reference a palette of up to 256 distinct colors. The colors are chosen from the 24-bit RGB color space. It also supports animations and allows a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame. The color limitation makes the GIF format unsuitable for reproducing color photographs and other images with continuous color, but it is well-suited for simpler images such as graphics or logos with solid areas of color.

    The animation GIF is most popular in the world, with it we don't need to take a video to catch the funny moment, we can use GIF format picture to catch it. It's more convenient for us. But we should pay attention to the data loss of GIF files.

    Causes of GIF Files Loss

    We can lose the GIF files saved on our Mac due to any of the below mentioned reasons:

    Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of photos is one of the common reasons of losing them. There can be various causes of accidental deletion of photos, such as:

    Delete GIF files by pressing 'Shift+Delete' without backing up.

    Empty the 'Trash' on your Mac without their backup.

    Unexpected Formatting of Storage Device: Unwanted or unexpected formatting of storage device without taking their backup also leads to GIF files loss. Some very prominent causes of formatting are:

    Virus infected storage device.

    Suddenly power outage while your Mac is low battery but you are still using it.

    Perform GIF Recovery Successfully

    After we learn about the reasons of GIF files loss, now let's recover GIF on Mac with a powerful recovery tool-uFlysoft GIF Recovery.

  • Free download GIF Recovery and launch it on your Mac.

  • Select the drive where the lost GIF files located to scan.

  • After scanning finished, all the recoverable GIF files will be listed by the file formats. Click on any file or use up &down keys.

  • Now you can recover your lost GIF files easily by clicking the button "Recover".

  • All you need to do is following the easy steps above, after these, you will find all of your lost GIF files are coming back to you just in a few minutes.


    Not only the photos, but also the video/audio files can be recovered by using the software we introduce in this article which comes from our official website uFlysoft studio.

    How to Recover Files after Formatting Mac Hard Disk Drive

    In Macintosh OS X a built-in tool- Disk Utility allows you to perform the formatting process by clicking on "Erase" tab after specifying the disk/volume, its format and name. Formatting can fix some of the hard drive related logical problems, but also erase all the saved files and folders in the Macintosh HD, so usually you may not format Macintosh HD. Formatting is only performed for your certain purpose, such as:

  • To get rid of a deadly virus, which cannot be removed using an anti-virus software.

  • Replace damaged file system or Macintosh HD structures.

  • Reinstall operating system to fix boot errors or restore missing system files.

  • Remove all the files and folders unwanted from Macintosh HD.

  • Why can We Recover Files after Format

    When you format a Macintosh HD, actually the files are not erased (until they are overwritten by other files). The file system of disk is replaced with a new empty file system, thus, the entries of all the files and directories stored on the disk are erased and they become inaccessible. But hard drive maintains an index file, which tells the operating system where a particular file is stored. When you format the hard drive, links between index and file are deleted. The file remains physically intact. You can recover files after format as long as the original files are not overwritten by others.

    How to Do Format Recovery?

    Since it is possible to recover files after format, how to do has really confused some Mac users. In brief, there are two ways: Restore and Recover.

    If you have backed up your Mac files, you can easily restore formatted files from your backup. If there is no valid backup, you need format recovery software - uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, to recover files from formatted hard drive.

    Follow the three steps below to complete format data recovery

    Step1. Install and run uFlysoft Data Recovery on your Mac

    Install uFlysoft Data Recovery to the different partition from where you lost data. This operation is to avoid overwriting original data.

    Step2. Select the Macintosh HD for recovery format

    Select the Macintosh HD that you formatted accidentally, and click on "Scan" to find out all lost files.

    Step3. Start to recover formatted files from Mac

    When the scanning completes, you can preview the scanning results and check those files important to you for recovery.

    Isn't it easy for you to get your lost data? Just come to our official website to get more details about lost file recovery.

    Recover the Lost or Deleted Photo Files from your Canon Camera on Mac OS X

    Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers and computer printers. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan.

    The most famous product of Canon is the digital camera. With the hi-tech skills of it, Canon digital becomes more and more popular in the world. Today, let's learn something for its famous product-canon digital camera.

    Canon has been manufacturing and distributing digital cameras since 1984, starting with the RC-701. The RC series was followed by the Power Shot and Digital IXUS series of digital cameras. Canon also developed the EOS series of digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR) which includes high-end professional models.

    Canon has recently implicated Thermal Transition Copying as a part of the manufacturing process for all new cameras being produced by Canon. This manufacturing process allows a camera's polymer casing to very slightly change temperature through an exothermic reaction triggered by electronic sensors, to assist in the prevention of condensation inside the camera; a common problem experienced when using a SLR camera in certain conditions.

    But even this hi-tech camera cannot avoid one thing happens everywhere-the photo loss. Now, let's find out the reasons and find ways to achieve Canon photo recovery operation on your Mac PC.

    What Cause Canon Photo Loss

    Losing the photos is a troublesome thing for us because it means we may lose the precious photos of our family or lover. What make this happens? Here are the main reasons.

    1. Accidentally or wrongly delete photos from your Canon. (Wrong Operation)

    2. Lose photos when transferring them from Canon to your Mac for unknown reasons.

    3. Formatting or virus infection.

    4. Suddenly shut down/power off. It is dangerous to your Canon digital camera.

    The problems seem so serious. But if you ask for the help of uFlysoft Canon recovery, it is quite easy to recover canon.So just follow me. I will help you get back your lost photos in a while.

    Important Features Of uFlysoft Canon Recovery

  • Rescue all your corrupted audio, video, photos, pictures, images and photographs of your Canon digital cameras.

  • Support all major type of digital camera including Point and Shoot camera, Professional camera, Specialty camera etc.

  • Support all major digital camera brand name including Epson, Corel, Ritz, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, Ricoh, etc.

  • Full support to localized and long file name!

  • Recover files when "Drive not formatted" or "Drive not detected" error message is displayed on your computer screen.

  • Easiest software to restore and fix any type of digital file extension including jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, mpeg, wav, midi and other system files.

  • Context help and menu support!

  • Simple and easy to use digital camera data recovery software!

  • With these features above, recover canon lost photo is an easy job for you and me! If you are wondering more information about Mac lost files recovery, just feel free to visit our official website

    How to Recover Lost Photo Files from Your Digital Camera under Mac OS X

    About Digital Camera

    A digital camera stores photographic image. Many current models are also able to capture sound or video, in addition to still images. Capture is usually accomplished by use of a photo sensor, using a charged coupled device (CCD).These stored images can be uploaded to a computer/Mac immediately or stored in the camera for to be uploaded into a computer/Mac or printer later. Images may also be archived on a photographic compact disc or external hard disk.

    The big advantage of digital cameras is that making photos is both inexpensive and fast because there is no film processing. Interestingly, one of the biggest boosters of digital photography is Kodak, the largest producer of film.

    Seems so perfect, right? But have you image that if one day you lose your digital camera data, what should you do? And do you know what the main reasons of digital camera data loss are? Are there any ways to recover digital camera pictures, videos or audio files? Here we just are coming to talk about this.

    What Cause Digital Camera Data Loss

    Here we bring you the common examples of camera data loss.

    1. Major data loss reasons from Digital Camera

  • Human error

  • Mistakenly pressing Delete button

  • Improper device handling

  • Data deleted due to Software virus

  • 2. General data loss reasons from Digital Camera

  • Accidental data deletion

  • Disk crashed due to power spikes

  • Logically corrupted disk and other similar reason

  • See? The reasons above are the main reasons of digital camera data loss. So, how to solve these problems and get back the loss data? Here we suggest you to have a try on a third-part digital camera data recovery software.

    Achieve Digital Camera Data Recovery

    There are so many recovery tools in the world, how to choose a good and high-efficiency one to bring back your lost data? To tell you the truth, you can come and have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, the powerful and high reputation media data recovery software in recovery industry.

    Without further ado, let's just come and start data rescue operation. All you need is to follow the steps below.

    First thing first, free download this software and launch it on your Mac.

    Secondly, connect your digital camera to your Mac and start scanning.Then the scanning process will commence. After scanning finished, all the recoverable files will be listed by the file formats. For file preview, just click on any file or use up &down keys. (Only the photos can be previewed.)

    The last step: Now you can recover all photos/videos or select your target photos/videos easily by clicking the button "Recover".

    What to next? Easy, just take a cup of tea or coffee and wait for a few minutes, the data which you want to get back will come to you again before you finish your drink by using uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

    So why not come and have a try on recovering lost data with ease by using this software? Just log on our official website whenever you want.

    Method for Users to Recover Lost Video Data on Mac

    It eventually happens to everyone-you lost video files on your Mac, iPod touch, or even a USB flash drive you use with your Mac. So, data recovery is becoming more and more important.

    Computer/Mac has truly become personal-we store photos, email, homework, recipes, and important documents and apps on our computer/Mac. Losing an important file can cause a lot of problems from lost time, to lost valuable information. Many people wonder how they lose files to begin with. Here we use video as an example to show you the reasons why we lost the data and find a good way to achieve video data recovery with easy method.

    About Video & Reasons of Video Data Loss

    First thing first, let's just learn something about video.

    Video is a communications tool like no other. Pictures, sound, text and movement blend synergistically to create an impact far beyond each of the individual elements. A video can quickly and precisely demonstrate your products' features and benefits in action—bringing them to life in a way that a print message never could!

    Now it's time for learning the reasons of video data loss.

    1. Deletion or formatting accidentally

    Some of the video files may be formatted/deleted accidentally from the device.

    2. Virus infection

    You may lose your video files when your Mac is infected with virus. Even worse, when connect your memory card with the Mac which is attacked by virus, your RM files in the memory card may be lost too.

    3. Suddenly shutting down/Power off

    The sudden shutting down or power-off of the machines may also lead to the video files loss. When you are transferring the videos from memory card to the Mac and the sudden shutting down happens, you may lose them from either the memory card or the Mac, or they may be damaged and cannot be accessed.

    A Good Video Recovery Program is Needed

    The situations above are so familiar, right? Maybe you have ever met them before but no way to solve them. But "no way to solve them" has passed, now we bring you the perfect way to get back your lost videos-a good video recovery program.

    Maybe you will ask,"There are so many recovery programs on the internet, which one is fit for me?" Don't panic, all you need is uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, yes; don't be confused by the name "data recovery". Not only photos, but also other media files can be recovered by this all-in-one powerful recovery software. Come and follow the easy step below to get back your lost video files easily.

    1. Install the free download application on your Mac.

    2. Launch the program and select your device where the lost video files were stored and start scanning operation.

    3. After scanning finished, click the button"Recover", you will be asked where you want to store the files. DO NOT save the recovered files to the same path where you lost them before.

    After the three easy steps, you will find all your lost video files are coming back to you again. All of these steps just cost you a few minutes by uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.


    If you want to know more details about Mac deleted files recovery, just come to our official website

    Solution for Users to Get Back Lost Photo on Mac OS X PC

    As science and technology are developing rapidly, our photography way tends simpler and more convenient. Previously, we take pictures by using film which is not cheap, so we had to pay much money. Besides, the quantity of picture is determined by film, and we are unable to take pictures freely.

    Naturally, digital camera which is easier and more convenient to use emerges. More importantly, shooting price of digital camera is very low, helping us save a large amount of money.

    Several years ago, many users were troubled by pixel, so they choose traditional shooting way. But nowadays, the pixel of digital camera is extremely high, and digital photography has become many users' first choice. Many users are used to making post-processing for digital pictures, so they transmit digital pictures to Mac which has many advantages in image processing. However, since the number of Mac user is increasing rapidly, many network factors threaten Mac security apart from threats of Mac itself. As a result, pictures stored on Mac are lost frequently. In order to avoid harm brought by Mac picture loss, we should maintain Mac security regularly as well as recover lost pictures in time. Since Mac is unable to recover lost pictures, we have to use third-party Mac data recovery software to restore Mac lost photo files. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a piece of excellent Mac picture recovery software, because most picture recovery software is developed for Windows PC. But luckily, professional Mac picture recovery software is provided in uFlysoft studio which called Photo Recovery for Mac. With this Mac picture recovery software, we can recover lost pictures on Mac easily.

    There is no need to worry about Mac picture loss

    The Mac picture recovery software recommended in that website is specially developed for Mac, and it can help us recover pictures lost owning to mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, virus attack, file system damage, partition loss, or other soft failures. Besides, it supports HFS+ which is most commonly used on Mac. Furthermore, this Mac picture recovery software is equipped with the special picture recovery module "Digital Media Recovery", making picture recovery simpler.

    Next, let me demonstrate how to recover lost pictures on Mac.

    1. Run this Mac picture recovery software first. (No need to worry about the fee, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is the free download and free scan software which offers you to have a try on it to decide if it works for you to search the files.)

    2. After the friendly interface show up, you just need to choose your drive (or storage device) and click button “Scan” to search the files.

    3. After scanning is finished, click button “Recovery” and then the software will help you to recover lost files. (Remember, choose a path which has enough space for you to store the recovered files and don’t save the files on the path which your lost files were store before to avoid file overwritten situation.)

    So easy for you, right? So just have a try on it and enjoy file recovery by yourself. One more thing, build a backup for your files is strongly needed after file recovery is finished. Or you may follow our official website support articles to get more details about Mac lost data recovery.

    Make Lost Data Recovery Become Easier by Using Mac Data Recovery Software

    There are many Mac photo recovery tools that help you in recovering the photo files that you may have deleted by accident and not intentionally. Among those is the Mac Photo Recovery Software which is excellent software that is helpful for Mac users to recover lost photo data from Mac. Any missing or lost, deleted and inaccessible photo or any images that has been formatted can be recovered by the Mac Photo Recovery Software supporting Mac OS. All the Mac files, songs, documents, games, movies, videos, images, pictures, photos, pdf, e-mails, and many other application files along with some other important photo that has been crashed from the hard drives of Mac can be recovered by the software of Mac Photo Recovery.

    About uFlysoft Mac Photo Recovery Software

    uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery Software is a lost photo recovery tool used for recovering the Mac photo file by fixing the different Mac files from the Mac trash. It is extremely easy to recover the corrupted, salvaged, or formatted images from your Mac. It supports the recovery of photo data from all the versions of the operating system of Mac including the version X as well as version 9. This tool is known as the expert in recovering the lost photo files from any of the Mac product using the operating system of Mac. You can recover the deleted pictures from any of the Mac product such as cards of digital cameras, hard drives of Mac, CD-ROM, Apple iPod Touch, iPad, iMac, iTunes and various other products supporting the Mac OS by using this powerful photo recovery application.

    There are different features provided in the photo recovery software provided by Mac and some of them are listed below:

  • Normal as well as Exhaustive scan is provided by the Mac photo recovery software to recover the Mac lost photos.

  • Restoring the Mac photo when it gets emptied accidentally from the Mac trash.

  • Retrieving the photo that has been lost from different lost folders.

  • Recovery of the photo files when deleted from the drives of Mac.

  • Recovering the Mac photo when Mac OS is reinstalled.

  • In a word, all you need is this powerful photo recovery software to get back lost photo files. What’s more, not only photos can be recovered, but also the audio and video files can be back to you by using this powerful media file recovery software.


    Want to get more information about lost data recovery? Come to our official website and read more support articles.

    Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Photo Files on Your Mac

    About Data Loss in External Hard Drive

    Hard drives, especially external hard drives are used almost universally in our work, study and learning, because we could store, transfer our important data such as photos with convenience and quickness. We enjoy the advantage they bring to us, but we also encounter the trouble they make, because photo loss in an external hard drive cannot be avoided.

    Nobody could make it absolutely safe to our external hard drive, we may encounter following situations.

  • Virus attack.

  • Accidental file deletion or format.

  • Critical file system structures loss or corruption.

  • Unexpected system shutdown or application failure.

  • Partition structures are damaged or lost.

  • Damage due to a power failure or surge.

  • Unknown reasons.

  • Any of the above situations is dangerous to our data stored in external hard drive. So we should often backup our important data, or else we should expend energy to restore photo from external hard drive.

    Method to Restore Photo from External Hard Drive

    Once finding there is data loss in external hard drive, we should stop any operation which will cause overwriting. The faster we perform data restore, the more chance we get to restore data from external hard drive. Also we shouldn't attempt to restore data from external hard drive by opening and checking on our own, unless we're willing to give up on the external hard drive, because it requires special dust-free, static-free environment to restore data from external hard drive.

    We could choose external hard drive data recovery services, which can be extremely expensive, however, charging anywhere from $500 to $2,500 for service. Here is an alternative to restore data from external hard drive, which is using external hard drive data recovery software.

    External hard drive photo recovery software provides us the best solution to restore data from external hard drive, whether we've accidentally formatted external hard drive, deleted data or trapped in virus attack, external hard drive data recovery software can help us restore data from external hard drive. Here uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Mac is highly recommended.

    Steps of External Hard Drive Photo Recovery

    With uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

    1. Install the free download uFlysoft Data Recovery on your Mac.

    2. Launch the software. Follow the onscreen prompts to choose the external hard drive where the lost photo files were stored and click the “Scan” button. (If you want to recover photos from your Mac hard drive, just choose it to scan.)

    3. After scanning finished, click the “Recover” button, and then you will be asked for a "destination folder" where the program will save the repaired file. Select a secured location on your hard drive and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the task.

    After all of these steps, you will find it is so easy to get lost pictures back from external hard drive.


    Do not save the recovery photo files in the place where the lost photos were stored before or you will lose them forever! Log on our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Photo Files on Your Mac

    Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention to the most popular computer from Apple Inc. because of its high quality and best serve. Now let’s choose the Mac Pro as an example to introduce to all of you users.

    The Mac Pro is a workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The machines are based on Xeon microprocessors, but are similar to the Power Mac G5 they replaced in terms of outward appearance and expansion capabilities. The Mac Pro, in most configurations, is the fastest computer that Apple offers and one of three desktop computers in the current Macintosh lineup, the other two being the iMac and Mac Mini.

    To many Mac users, Mac seems the most wonderful computer in world. But they maybe forget one important thing-no matter how powerful and intelligent the Mac is, but it is only just a machine which is made by our human being. We cannot avoid some mistakes come from Mac sometimes, for example, the data loss. Here we talk about the common loss of data-photo lost and make it easy to recover photos on your Mac.

    What Cause the Photo Loss?

    “Damn it! I cannot find the photos we took last night! They are very important to me because they are about me and my first love girlfriend. I don’t why I cannot find them on my Mac. Can I get them back? ” It’s just one of the “need some help” questions in my mail-box. Lost your precious photos can really make you feel bad. But if you want to get them back, first thing you should do is to learn what makes this happen.

    Photo files can be corrupted because of some reasons like OS crash, software malfunction, and unexpected shutdown when you are doing some work on the photos, virus attack or other natural error for corruption, etc.

    Whatever the reason for photo files corruption is, you are not able to access them and this may bother you a lot. Means in future, you can’t watch them again.

    May you will say, “I know these, what I care is how to recover lost photos. It’s urgent.” To solve your problems, I recommend you to have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, a powerful and free-risk recovery tool in the world.

    Methods to Perform Photo Recovery

    With this high reputation software-uFlysoft Data Recovery, you can get back your photos files completely. All you need is just following the three steps below.

    1. Install this free download photo recovery software on your Mac;

    2. Launch the program and choose the hard disk where your photo flies were stored before and start scanning;

    3. After scanning finished, you can preview your lost photos files, you can choose which you want to get back and then click “Recover”, you will find the lost photo files coming back to you again in a while.

    Now you can recover all photos or select your target photos easily by clicking the button “Recover”.

    What else can Photo Recovery do?

  • It can recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible files from various storage media like hard drive, memory card, etc.

  • Only undelete photo? No, uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Mac can also recover audio and video with ease.

  • You can use it without any technical skills.

  • Tips

    If want to know more about deleted file recovery for your Mac, just feel free to visit our official website:

    Data Recovery Software for Mac-Recover Mac Data with Ease

    About Mac Data Loss

    At our Mac user daily live, we are often asked the question as to what causes corrupted preferences files, data corruption, damaged files, data loss, or files suddenly "go missing." Here we pick out some main reason of Mac data loss.

    1.Causes of data corruption and loss

    2.Common causes of data corruption and loss include:

    3.Improper shutdowns, such as caused by power outages or performing a hard restart: pressing and holding the power button or, on Macs so equipped, the restart button.

    4.Hardware problems or failures, including hard drive failures, bad sectors, bad RAM, and the like.

    5.Failure to eject external hard drives and related storage devices before disconnecting them or powering them off.

    6.Bad programming, particularly if it results in either hard restarts or data that is saved incorrectly.

    Any of these causes can result in a corrupted hard drive directory. A corrupted hard drive directory can cause files to apparently "go missing" and lead to further data loss or corruption, such files being overwritten with new data as a corrupted directory may no longer accurately reflect what disk space is free or available vs. the disk space that contains data. The term data is used here to mean both files you have created as well as application and operating system code.

    So, many users, no matter they’re using laptop or desktop will ask one question, “Is there a data recovery program for Mac can help us to bring the lost data back?”

    Yes, that is what I’m talking about. To solve the questions above, you can use a data recovery tool to bring back your lost data on your Mac. (Or maybe you can take your machine to the repair shop to fix it, but it may cost you a lot-time, money.)

    Find a Good Data Recovery Program for Your Mac

    How to find a good and high effective data recovery program for Mac? Here we include some points what a good recovery tool should have. Let’s just check it out.

  • Features of Data Recovery Program

  • 1.Search your Mac for lost files using several unique approaches. Once it finds files, you can preview them before you recover them so you recover exactly what you need.

    2.Work with your Mac, iPod, digital camera, iPad, iPhone, USB flash drives (or sticks), and many more storage devices.

    3.Offer a RAW recovery mode for more advanced users. While this mode is very powerful, it takes more time to recover files and should only be used by advanced users.

    4.Work with the current and some previous versions of OS X, including 10.10.

    To tell you the truth, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is one of the best choices for you. Without further ado, let’s see how to get back lost Mac data with this powerful recovery tool.

    1.Install the free download application on your Mac.

    2.Launch the program and select your device where the lost data were stored to scan.

    3.After scanning is finished, click the button “Recover”, you will be asked where you want to store the files. DO NOT save the recovered files to the same path where you lost them before. (You’d better use a USB drive to save the recovered data.)

    After the three easy steps, you will find all your lost data are coming back to you again by using this data recovery software for Mac. All of these steps just cost you a few minutes.

    Log on our official website to know more about Mac data recovery whenever you want.

    Two Simple Methods for Users to Restore System on Their MacBook

    The 2011 version of MacBook Air was released with the system restore disk (the little USB drive, you know that.). This is very inconvenient for users because if some users want to install Windows OS on there MacBook and then partition the hard drive. A bad result is that after partitioning, the MacBook only get the Windows OS and the Mac OS X has gone.

    In this article, I will show you the way to install Mac OS X without the disk on the MacBook Air. The base of installing Mac OS X is that there must be a WIFI. If there is not a WIFI then this way is not suitable for you, if yes, keep reading below.

    The First Method-Restore System without System Disk by Using WIFI

    The first thing you need to do is you MacBook should be charged to avoid suddenly powerful off. Launch your MacBook and then hold Option button. When the hard drive icon appears, unloose the Option button and you will find that a WIFI option you can choose under the hard drive icon. Click in, set it and connect your MacBook with your WIFI and then hold Command+R button. An “Earth” icon will show up on your screen and keep turning and turning, all you need to do is waiting. If there is a fast-speed Internet you have, after 10 or 15 minutes there will be an installation suggestion showing up. If your internet speed is very slow, you may be wait for a long time. (A few days? Just kidding.) What’s more, if the serve is not stable, it may take much more time-The first time for me is 3 hours, but the second time it too a whole day, but still didn’t work.

    The Second Method-Clone A System Disk by Yourself

    This method require the Mac OS Lion can be used, but you may think this is bullshit because if the system can be used then it is not need to restore the system.
    But in my opinion, you’d better back up the system when the system can be use because sometimes the internet is not so good like we think. (For example, I told you above it took me 24 hours but didn’t work.) You can use the mirror to clone a system disk under the Mac OS Lion platform. But this is base on you have dmg format system mirror on your Mac, and then use disk tool (finder-goto-tools-disk tool), choose the restore option. Then you need to choose the correct original disk (the dmg mirror file) and the destination disk (your USB drive). After these actions all you need is waiting. When these actions are finished, restart your MacBook (don’t pull out your USB drive) and hold Option button to activate the USB drive and then wait again until the system is restored.

    Some Short Cut of MacBook

    Option: Select OS while Turn On MacBook

    Command+Option+R+P: Restore Factory Setting (Act this action will restart, but on sound appears like someone says on internet)

    Command+Q: Exit Program

    Command+W: Exit Document

    Command+R: Process it when turn on Mac to restore system with WIFI

    If you not only want to know about system restore but also want to know the way for recovering lost or deleted files on MacBook, you can log on our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    uFlysoft Data Recovery Software for Mac Help in Recovering Lost Photo Files

    In this digital age, people always store their precious memories with the digital photo on the hard drive or storage device. To be honestly, this brings us the convenience, but the problem comes at the same time: What if the photos were deleted from your Mac hard drive? If lucky enough, you can find them back in the Trash Bin. But if the Trash Bin has been emptied or even worst the photos were deleted from the storage device, how to solve this problem? The normal way cannot help you to find back the lost photos. At this moment, a powerful software which can help you to get lost pictures back is strongly needed.

    uFlysoft Lost Data Rescue Software for Mac is the savior for your lost files. It is an all-in-one media file recovery tool, with its easy-to-use function and do-it-yourself operating option, no more technical skill are needed, only you know few clicks on your Mac, the lost files can be recovered easily in minutes.

    Can I Recover Mac Lost Photo?

    It's possible to recover not only photos, but also video and audio files. Moreover convenient, the media files can be recovered successfully even from most of the popular storage device like USB drive, Memory Card, External drive, Smart Phone, iPod, etc.

    When the files were deleted, even the Mac Trash has been emptied, you may consider the files are gone forever and no ways to get them back. Actually it is not. In fact it just frees up the hard drive space for the new files, while its physical data stays on the hard drive just to be overwritten with time. So if you found your favorite photos are lost, stop any operation on your device, this action double the chance of restoring lost pictures.

    Follow 3-Step Below to Recover Your Lost Photos

    1. Download uFlysoft software on Your Mac first.

    2. Select and scan a partition or drive where your lost photo located.

    3. Preview the found photo files and click ‘Recovery’, choose the safe path to save the targeted photos.

    Mac Image Rescue Software: How It Works?

    So how do this tools work? Let's find out.

    1) First of all such tools perform a deep scan of your Mac hard drive, looking for photos that are still subject to lost image rescue. This software can recover photos from external hard drives and USB flash drives as well. As a rule such scan takes quite a long time, so you can relax a bit and dream about the happy moment of finally retrieving your lost photo.

    2) When the scan is over, you'll see a list of all recoverable photo files. Yes, that's right-you will see not only the photo you need, but also other photo files that can be recovered on your Mac. Therefore you'll have to filter the search results. Some apps make it possible to preview contents of the found photo, so you can make sure whether it's exactly the photo you've been looking for.

    3) And here it is! Finally you and your photos are back together again, and it's time to start the process of photo rescue. This tool pick up tiny pieces of photos from all over the hard drive and return them to the original state. This process will also take a lot of time, but it's worth waiting.

    Why use uFlysoft studio software?

    We uFlysoft software support amount of photo file formats even video and audio files no matter the Mac OS or storage device your files are storing in. What's more, the deeply scanning functions can double the probability of file full-recovery. Free scan option can help you to target the files first, then upgrade to the full version which protect your right. Focus on the file recovery field makes us develop stronger technical skills to deal with the changes of the recovery technology. Hope you can recover your important lost photos by using our software.

    Log on our official website to get more information about Mac lost data recovery whenever you want.

    How Can We Get the Lost Photo Files on Our Mac with Ease

    In the modern society, the internal and external drives’ price is becoming lower and lower, and the storage space is becoming bigger than before, at the same time, the ways for deleting a file is more convenient that before, Just like format or “delete all” operation. These ways actually great until something goes wrong: How can you get these files back is a big problem.

    In general, the complicated principle of recovering lost files and cumbersome steps make most of computer users cannot find the ways to recover files by themselves. But different from other software, uFlysoft software simplifies complex steps of the recovery technology. All you need to do is just operate some clicks job, no matter what reasons make your files lose or what kind of drive/storage devices you are using, all of the lost files can be recovered by using this easy do-it-yourself software.

    The Possibility of Lost Photo Recovery

    When you deleted or formatted a file from your, its physical data still remains on your devices until it is fully overwritten by other files. In the simple way, your files are still “alive” until you put something new in to your drive. So the sooner you act to do something for file recovery, the more chances you'll have for recovering files.

    Therefore, if you are one of the unlucky guys who lost the photos, video or audio files, you’d better be very careful using the computer or storage device even stop using it to avoid the file overwritten situation we mentioned above. Moreover, because the computer do not offer the file recovery function by its own, a image rescue tool is strongly needed.

    Easy 3-Step to Recover Lost Photos:

    1. Download uFlysoft Data Rescue Software on Your Mac first.

    2. Select and scan a partition or drive where your lost data located.

    3. Preview the found files (Only photos files can be previewed) and click ‘Recovery’, choose the safe path to save the targeted files.

    What it Takes to Process Picture Rescue Operation

    Usually, steps of recovering lost photos are listed as follow:

    1) You need to choose the path where your lost photo, video or audio files were stored before (it can be your computer hard drive or a storage device).

    2) Then the deeply scanning of your drive starts (kindly tips: give the software sometimes to search the lost files and you can take a cup of coffee).

    3) When the scanning is finished, you will be able to see all recoverable files – use he preview function to target which files you want to recover.

    4) The final step is choosing a safe destination for your targeted files and complete the recovery process(To protect the original files from file overwritten situation, the software do not allow to save the recovered files to the drive which the lost files were stored before. Choose another drive or USB drive which has enough space is a best choice).

    Why Choose uFlysoft Software?

    uFlysoft software for recovering lost photos supports a vast array of media file formats recovery no matter what kind of drive you are using or what causes made your files gone. Preview option can help you to target the files first, then upgrade to the full version which protect your right. What’s more, though it has the outstanding deeply scanning functions and excellent technology for recovering files, uFlysoft software still provide the most easy-to-use method for user to bring them away from the complicated steps but recover lost files by themselves easily.

    Come to our official website to get more details about Mac deleted files recovery.

    Get Back the Lost Files from Your Mac with Data Recovery Software

    Data loss is always a big problem for computer users. Most of them are not professionals who can deal with it. But many users are too anxious to get the files back by using many wrong ways, and these may lead to secondary damage of the files they want to get back. Many people wonder how they lose files to begin with and want find a good way to solve "how to get back deleted files on my Mac" question.

    Situations Need Data Recovery Software

    Below are a few scenarios when you may require data recovery from your Mac system.

  • Unintentionally emptied the trash containing some important files, documents, photos, etc.

  • File loss due to formatting or resizing your Mac volumes.

  • Formatted your corrupt or inaccessible iPod, pen drive, external hard drive etc. to get them back to working.

  • Intentional file deletion from a commonly shared storage

  • File loss due to deadly virus and malware

  • A Good Way to Recover Lost Data

    Here I propose you to choose uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It is the most powerful and user-friendly data recovery software for Mac users. It can recover data from deleted, corrupted, formatted partitions and from crashed drives under Mac system. Mac Data Recovery Software may recover files from HFS, HFSX, HFS+ partitions, including all types of files such as PDF, office, cad, image, video, audio, and etc.

    What you need to do is just install the software on your Mac, then start the file recovery process. After the software automatically scanned the data in the hard drive, you can choose the file you want to recover. Then the lost date will return in your Mac. Even novice users can handle it very quickly. Below are few steps to follow:

    First of all, install the application on your computer. (Worry about the fee? No need to do so. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is free download/free scan application.)

    Secondly, start scanning where the lost files were stored before after launching the program.

    The last but not least, after scanning finished, click "Recover" and choose the path where you want to store the lost data.

    All of these just cost you a few minutes, after that you will be able to get back deleted files on Mac successfully.


    Do not store the recovered data in the path where you lost them before or you will not be able to get them back again. Log on our official website to read more support articles whenever you want by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    Catch the Good Chance to Recover Mac Lost Files with Data Recovery Software

    “Dear Steven, can you help me to recover Mac files? I just found that I lost my files on my Mac and I cannot find them anywhere! They are so important to me. Many thanks.”

    This morning I opened my mail box and saw lots of this kind of “Need some help” E-mail from all over the world. And most of them have one theme-how to recover the lost files on their Mac.

    As we all know, the Mac machine, which maybe is the most intelligent machine in the world. But sometimes you will find that even this kind of machine will make some mistakes-perhaps sometimes the mistakes are made by our human, the files loss. Now let’s figure out some reasons of Mac files loss and try to recover lost or deleted Mac files easily.

    What Make Files Loss Happen?

    Files loss is an error condition in information systems in which information is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage, transmission, or processing. Information systems implement backup and disaster recovery equipment and processes to prevent data loss or restore lost data.

    Files loss is distinguished from data unavailability, such as may arise from a network outage. Although the two have substantially similar effects, data unavailability is temporary, while files loss may be permanent. Files loss is also distinct from data spill, although the term data loss has been sometimes used in those incidents.

    Way to Achieve Mac Files Recovery

    Before reviewing the below recommendations and suggestions, verify that the files have actually been deleted. In some cases the files may have been moved. You can search the hard disk drive for the files you believe to be missing by running find or search on the Mac.

    Recover file from backup

    If the file has been backed up to floppy disk or other medium it is recommended that the file be restored from that backup if the file cannot be found.

    Restore from Recycling Bin or Trash

    If you are running Apple Mac OS and the file has been recently deleted it is possible that the file may still be in the Trash. If present within this area it can be recovered.

    If you are not in the situations above, then a third-part recovery tool is strongly needed. Here, I recommend you to have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

    Feature Setting

    The data recovery software you choose must give you enough features to make it possible for you to do what you want with the lost files you’re trying to recover. But uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is just such kind of Mac files recovery software which is fit for you. It offers you most features which are effective to recover your lost files.

    Ease of Use

    When you’re trying to get your data back, the thing you would worry about is have to learn a new program from top to bottom. Is it Troublesome? Sometimes yes, but if you are using uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, all the thing you need is just a few clicks.

    Recovery Effectiveness

    Any program from this category that fails in recovering your data is useless, but this recovery tool has the hi-tech skill to recover your lost files with ease!

    So if you are trying to recover your lost files and find ways to get them back, just have a try on uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. Log on our official website to get more details about deleted files recovery whenever you want.

    How to Achieve Lost or Deleted Files Recovery on Your Mac OS X

    It eventually happens to everyone-you lost files on your Mac/Computer. Mac/Computer has truly become personal – we store photos, email, homework, recipes, and important documents and apps on it. Losing an important file can cause a lot of problems from lost time, to lost valuable information. Many people wonder how they lose files to begin with and want find a way to do Mac files recovery.

    How Do Files Get Lost?

    We have all had it happen at some stage. Sometimes the wrong answer to a cryptic Windows question has sent files to oblivion. Maybe a program crash or virus wiped files from your system. Suddenly you realize that an important file - or entire directory - has been lost or deleted. Or maybe you transfer the files, but your cute, lovely but a little bit naughty kid touch your USB line or pull out your USB drive suddenly from your Mac/computer. OOPS! Guest what? You may lose your files.

    Contrary to what you might think, it is possible and quite easy to recover a deleted file (even if the recycle bin has been emptied). However the most important step with any file recovery technique is to avoid using the Mac/computer - especially the drive that holds the deleted files. There is a good chance the file is still present but if you use the Mac/computer, the possibility of file recovery decreases.

    So remember, after losing files, DO NOT use the Mac/Computer until you get a good data recovery tool to recover your lost data.

    Choose A Good Data Recovery Program

    After reading the information above, you may think that choose a good and high effective data recovery program is very important. Here we bring you one-uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

    Features of Data Recovery for Mac

    1. Search your Mac for lost files using several unique approaches. Once it finds files, you can preview them before you recover them so you recover exactly what you need.

    2. Work with your Mac, iPod, digital camera, iPad, iPhone, USB flash drives (or sticks), and many more storage devices.

    3. Offer a RAW recovery mode for more advanced users. While this mode is very powerful, it takes more time to recover files and should only be used by advanced users.

    4. Work with the current and some previous versions of OS X, including 10.10.

    With it, all you need to do is do a few easy clicks job and then you will achieve Mac lost files recovery successfully by using this powerful data recovery software for Mac in a few minute.

    Get more details on our official website when you need to perform Mac lost files recovery.

    How to Perform Lost MP4 Files on Your Mac OS X

    MP4, which full name is MPEG-4, is a patented collection of methods defining compression of audio and visual (AV) digital data. It was introduced in late 1998 and designated a standard for a group of audio and video coding formats and related technology agreed upon by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11) under the formal standard ISO/IEC 14496 - Coding of audio-visual objects. Uses of MPEG-4 include compression of AV data for web (streaming media) and CD distribution, voice (telephone, videophone) and broadcast television applications.

    As a most popular and fashionable type of audio/video files in the world, MP4 makes our lives more convenient. You don't need to drive a long way to the cinema for your favorite movie or sit in front of your desktop. You just need to put your movie (MP4 format) into your iPod touch/MP4 player and then you can watch them anytime anywhere.

    Since MP4 is so widely used, people may need to find method to recover mp4 files when the files are lost due to some unexpected reasons.

    Symptoms of MP4 Files Loss

    As we all know, MP4 is prone to corrupt and lose just like any other type of media files. Here we figure out some main reasons of MP4 files loss.

    1. Wrongly deleted the MP4 files in the computer/MP4 player

    2. Accidental formatting

    3. Virus infection

    4. Corruption of the file system

    5. Wrong way to shut down your device

    I am really sure these situations happen everywhere in the world, but how to solve them? How to perform MP4 recovery? Now let's find out the answer together.

    Methods for MP4 recovery

    If you stored your MP4 on your computer, it is fortunate to see them in the Recycle Bin, select the MP4 files you want to recover, and click "Restore these files" to recover to their original location. However, what if there are no MP4 files in the Recycle Bin or the files are stored in MP4 Player? At this moment, MP4 recovery software is strong needed. As an effective program, uFlysoft MP4 Recovery is the best choice which fits your requirement.

    uFlysoft MP4 Recovery is a powerful recovery application using advanced recovery algorithm. It can deeply scan your machine to look for the deleted MP4 files. Once found, it's quite easy to perform MP4 file recovery within minutes. Only three simple steps are needed:

    1. Scan your machine deeply to seek the lost MP4 files after installing the free download software on you computer;

    2. Choose which lost MP4 files you want to recover;

    3. Recover the MP4 files in a few minutes easily.

    No need technical skills, no complicated steps. All you need is clicking and waiting (for a short time). After that, the MP4 files come back to you again.

    Kindly Reminder

    1. Do not store the recovered MP4 files in the path where you lost them before.

    2. If you want to recover your lost MP4 files in your iPod touch/MP4 player, just connect it to the computer and repeat the steps above.

    3. For more info about data recovery you can visit official website uFlysoft studio.

    What is Photo Recover and How to Perform It

    Photo recovery is the process of salvaging digital photographs from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Photo Recovery can be considered a subset of the overall Data Recovery field.

    Photo loss or deletion failures may be due to both hardware and software failures.

    Recover Photo after Hardware Failure

    An excellent explanation of hardware failures is provided in the section for photo recovery. Typically, if your drive or card is so badly damaged that your computer can not recognize that a drive/card has been connected, you will need to consult a data recovery tool to recover your lost photo files.

    Recover Photo after Logical Failure

    Logical Damage or the inability to view photos can occur due to many reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Deletion of photos.

  • Corruption of boot sector of media.

  • Corruption of file system.

  • Disk formatting.

  • Move or Copy errors.

  • Photo Recovery Using File Carving

    The majority of photo recovery programs work by using a technique called file carving (data carving). There are many different file carving techniques that are used to recover photos. Most of these techniques fail in the presence of file system fragmentation. Simson Garfinkel showed that on average 16% of JPEGs are fragmented, which means on average 16% of jpegs are recovered partially or appear corrupt when recovered using techniques that can't handle fragmented photos.

    How to Choose a Good Data Recovery Tool to Recover Lost Photo

    Since we learn the information above, now let’s make a decision to choose a data recovery tool which helps you a lot.

    First thing first, what function should a good data recovery tool have? Generally speaking, a photo recovery tool should has the deeply scan function; this is very important because if the software cannot scan and find out the lost files, how does it recover them?

    Secondly, the powerful files format recovery support. Think about you lost the photos include JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc. All of these photos can be searched and recovered by one photo recovery tool, isn’t it convenient for you?

    The last but not least, easy to use! This may be the most important for you since you know the software works for you. If the software can recover your lost files but it is so complicated to use and it needs many technical skills, would you want to use it? So the friendly interface and easy-to-use steps are much more important for our users.

    So, remember the points above and find the good photo recovery application for you to get back lost photos with ease.

    Still need more details about photo recovery, just come and check our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    More Tips for Users about Recovering Lost Photos with Ease

    Have you ever you meet photo loss problem? Are you finding the information about miss photo file recovery? If so, it is safe to say that something has gone wrong with your computer. While you may find yourself searching online time and time again for "Recover My Photos" you don't want to make any additional mistakes that will add more stress to the process.

    The time that it takes to recover your photos is based on many factors, including the problem you are facing as well as the solution that you decide on.

    The best thing you can do is search for all in one photo recovery software. When you do this, you know for sure that you are going to get what you want in the end. This is no guarantee, unfortunately, but you are definitely taking the right steps towards making this happen - and that is what matters the most.

    Another thing to be aware of is this: when you try to recover your own photos you are going to be faced with a lot of questions. If you don't have the answers, you will soon realize that you are making a mistake and could be negatively impacting your situation. With photo recovery software, however, everything is laid out for you. There is nothing that you need to be worried about.

    Finding Photo Recovery Software to Help You

    Best of all, when you rely on software you are going to get a solution to your problem in a fast and efficient manner. There is nothing worse than spending many hours of your life hoping to find an answer, just to realize that this is never going to come. You want to find software that can act fast and give you the results you are looking for.

    What all this means is that you need to start an online search for data recovery software as soon as possible. This is the only way to know for sure that you are going to get what you want in the end. You may not realize your full potential off the bat, but the thing to remember is this: your software is going to do the work for you. It is going to take the necessary steps in recovering your photos; you don't have to do any of the work on your own.

    Before you purchase data recovery software, make sure you read reviews while also becoming familiar with how it works. This is the only way of ensuring that you are on the right path. This is the only way to know that the program is what you are hoping for.

    Now that you know more about photo recovery, including which tips you should be able to follow, you can get started. There may be a lot that goes into this, but you are more than capable of getting started in the near future. Soon enough, you will have recovered your photos and everything will be back in good order.

    What are you waiting for? Use data recovery application to your advantage and you will be happy with the end result as well as what the future holds.


    To get more information about Mac lost or deleted files recovery, please log on our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    Find the Easy Way to Recover Lost or Deleted Photo Files on Your Mac OS X PC

    We delete useless photo files from our computer hard drive in our daily lives. But sometimes important photo files can disappear along with the useless ones. This can occur to anyone, and most of us usually put up with it, thinking that the file is gone forever and no way to do lost photo file recovery. However, there is a way out. You can recover deleted photo files with special software, even after the Recycle Bin was emptied.

    Can my Computer Recover Deleted Photo Files?

    No, it cannot. Unfortunately, Computer OS, for example, Windows 7, does not have any built-in data recovery tools. But there is a variety of photo recovery software that can help you get back your photo files which full of your precious memories.

    When you remove photo files from the computer hard drive, they are not gone forever. Actually such deletion just frees space for other data, whereas the removed file info still remains on the hard drive. If the deleted files are not yet overwritten by other files, then there's a good chance to restore them. That's why you should refrain from using your computer until you find a way to do "photo recovery from hard drive" operation from the dead.

    How to Undelete Photo Files

    Actually deleted photo file recovery is not the work of a moment. Let's see what data recovery software do when restoring your files.

    First of all it searches your hard drive for all retrievable photo files. In most cases you cannot just enter the name of your file into the search, so better arm yourself with patience.

    Once the search is finished, you will see the list of all photos. Now your task is to extract your files from the numerous search results.

    When the file is found, you should select where to store it. You cannot save the file to the same path where it was lost. Therefore choose another volume or some external storage device such as a USB flash drive.

    Finally, activate the uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. The program will collect the tiny pieces of information, byte by byte, and arrange them to the initial state to recover deleted files.

    To avoid the lengthy process of data retrieval, you'd better mark your important files as read-only, or create backup copies.

    It has never been easier to restore deleted files on your computer and best of all, you can scan your hard drive or other store device and see which files can be recovered.


    1. Not only photo files, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac can also help you to recover lost audio and video files, even lost Word document, Excel files and emails on your Mac OS X PC.

    2. For more information about deleted file recovery, please log on our official website

    Make It Easy to Recover Lost Photos from Memory Card on Mac OS X PC

    Need memory card data recovery?

    Situation 1: Accidentally my memory card got break while i were inserting it in my card reader. Please suggest someone who can recover the data from it.

    Situation 2: I deleted some photos wrongly and want them back. I use Windows OS and the memory card recovery program I can download from my memory card is only for Mac, Where can I find a Windows Version.

    Situation 3: My SD memory card for my point and click camera was corrupted, and now every time I put the card in my laptop, all that shows is some alien gibberish. When I try to open up the folders, it won't open. Is there any way to get the pictures back?

    Seems familiar? There are more situations like that you may come across someday. When this comes to you, don't worry. There is always a solution to a problem. Before performing the solution, you need to pay attention to something important that may decide whether you can get your photos back from the memory card. When you lost photos due to deletion, format, virus corruption or other reasons, the first thing you need to do is:

  • Stop using the memory card to take new photos

  • Don't transfer new data into the card

  • Don't try to read the card when it turns to be inaccessible

  • Keep your card well and don't make any physical damage

  • There are very important tips. That you can recover lost photo from memory card is just because the lost data are not really gone, just marked as useless and the space it takes is reusable for new data. So once the new data is written in the card, the lost data will be overwritten and you can't recover it with any data recovery software for memory card. Also, many untrustworthy card data recovery can make worse for your lost data. And physical damage makes your card broken and data unrecoverable.

    How to perform a memory card data recovery?

    "If some of the data recovery tools cannot be trusted, how to get back deleted photo from my card?" Don't panic, here we suggest you to have a try the high reputation card data recovery software comes from uFlysoft studio, which supports the photo/video/audio recovery from your memory card, most importantly, it's safe and easy to use.

    Ways to Get Back Memory Card Data

    Once you choose uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to help you get back data from your memory card, all you need to do is just to follow the easy-to-use "3-step" operation below.

    First of all, install the application on your computer. (Worry about the fee? No need to do so. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is free download/free scan application.)

    Secondly, connect your memory card with your Mac and start scanning.

    The last but not least, after scanning finished, click "Recover" and choose the path where you want to store the lost data.

    All of these just cost you a few minutes, after that you will be able to get back deleted files successfully.


    1. Do not store the recovered data in the path where you lost them before or you will not be able to get them back again.

    2. Get more details about Mac lost files on our official website

    How Can We Recover Lost Photo Files from Digital Camera Under Mac OS X

    Have you got lost your entire wonderful memories from your digital camera? The great memories which you have captured in the form of pictures and images and saved till now with great effort, but due to some of the corruption in File Systems or accidental deletion of the of the image files your pictures got lost. This might make you worried as you have lost the entire sweets memories that you had spent with your friends and family. But now you just need the software of digital camera data recovery, you can have your entire files back soon just within minutes. Before we start recovering operation, first of all, let’s learn something about Samsung and get to know some reasons of the data loss on digital camera.

    Reasons of Digital Camera Data Loss

    Digital camera data includes photo files, audio files and video files. Sometimes it may happen that your camera memory card is almost full and you are not in condition to transfer the photos/videos to your windows computer as you are out on a tour with your family or friends. In order to capture photos/videos of some beautiful sights, you started deleting some unwanted ones. In this hustle-bustle, unknowingly you pressed Delete All button of your camera. Alas! You have lost all the images of the fantastic tour.

    One day you transfer you photos from digital camera to computer, but suddenly you find that all you photos are gone! What happen?

    At that moment you check your camera first, nothing is wrong. Then you check your computer. God! Your computer is infected with virus! May be that is the reason of the photo loss.

    When you meet the situation above, don't panic! Take a deep breath and follow these steps before achieve camera photo recovery.


    1. Stop using the camera immediately after an unwanted deletion. Otherwise this may cause overwriting and make deleted photos unrecoverable forever.

    2. Don't pull out the memory card without switching off the camera as this may cause interruption in read/write process or photo loss.

    Achieve Digital Camera Data Recovery

    To recover deleted photos/videos is now possible and easy. With Do-it-Yourself digital camera recovery solutions from uFlysoft studio-the powerful Data Recovery for Mac, you can recover your lost/deleted photos; even recover photos from formatted memory card. It is a high-efficiency recovery application and supports photo recovery from all types of digital cameras. Start downloading the Samsung camera recovery software now!

    After downloading and installing this software, follow these steps to perform digital camera recovery.

    1. Connect your camera to your computer.

    2. Launch uFlysoft data recovery software and choose the camera then click “Scan”.

    3. After the deeply scanning finished, click “Recover”, you will find your photos/videos are all coming back to you again!

    All these only take you a few minutes. You will find it is easy for you to get back the lost media data easily by yourself.

    Get more details about Mac lost files on our official website

    The Easy Way for Users to Recover Lost Excel Files on Mac

    Excel is used to organize data in worksheets. It is an easy to use application, but it is also easy for the system to shutdown, power cut off, and deletions of these sheets to be mistakenly performed.

    Most operating systems do not delete files permanently from computers. You need Data Recovery software to search, find, and perform you recovery data for Mac. This software program will recover information due to accidental deleting, virus infection, unexpected power failures or any other reason.

    Recovering files that are unsaved on Mac is possible with the auto recovery feature that runs in the background. It is set to auto save documents every 10 minutes. Your entire excel spreadsheet may not be recovered, but the majority can be saved. When you close your machine, start up again and in the pane you will see your document.

    When you are working on an Excel spreadsheet on a Mac OS and if you mistakenly deleted the spreadsheet, don’t save your excel file, but close the document and then reopen it. (If you had closed the total Excel program you would have lost the information and there would be no way to recover it.)

    If Excel quits unexpectedly, just reopen Excel, and your Excel documents will be recovered. Another common problem is deleting Excel documents and emptying trash on you system. You can use this software for data recovery.
    It is difficult to recover deleted excel documents on Mac. For example, you have two different Excel documents with the same name. They are in different files, but when you move them to one folder one of them will be replaced by the other file. You will not get the file back.

    How to Recover Lost Excel for Mac

    One efficient way to recover lost excel data for Mac is to use a program called uFlysoft data recovery. Download it to your computer and follow the instructions to recover files that have been accidentally deleted or lost.

    This software has several different recovery modes for you to use. According to the way you lost your file, chose the appropriate recovery program. Select the drive where your Excel file was located, click on “scan”, and watch the lost and deleted documents load as a list.

    When the lost data list is up and working, mark the Excel files you want to recover and start “scan”. Hit recover to begin restoring deleted excel files on Mac. If you have more files, click on the “back” button and repeat the above data recovery.

    Once you have determined what files to recover, click “save”. Save these recovered documents to a partition, file or hard drive that is different from where the file originated.

    It may not be easy to recover lost excel documents on Mac, but if you use the proper software that is designed for Mac you may be able to recover lost files on your Mac OS immediately.

    For more details about Mac lost data recovery please visit our official website by clicking uFlysoft studio.

    The Software Helps You A Lot When You Lose Your Data from iPhone or Mac

    Although the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are released, the iPhone 4 which is left by Jobs is still the classical one to the fans of iPhone. No matter how fantastic the next version iPhone is, it is impossible for them to instead of the iPhone 4 because most of users just like me will think that the shape, the function even the ring tone are the best of the best.

    I have to upgrade the iOS to iOS 7 because I want to try it. But to tell you the truth, I don’t really like it so much, especially the interface, it is not so beautiful like other users said. But I see on some forums the user said that if the iPhone has been jailbreak, it will be slower than before. Unfortunately, I am the one of the users who will jailbreak, and now I feel regret because I make my iPhone become slower. So I have to upgrade to iOS 7.

    After 40 minutes, I perform the upgrading and I feel my phone become faster. Yes it actually is because when you upgrade the iOS, all the data you store on the iPhone are gone and there is enough space for you to run other apps. But I find one big question, the classical ring tone has gone! This new iOS’s ring tone is not my cup of tea. Now what? What to do to get my favorite ring tone back?

    I search on internet and find two ways to fix my question. One suggestion is going to find and download that ring tone, but there are too many versions on the internet and there is no way to listen on line. So I download some but find that none of them is correct. And this make my files on my iPhone messy so I am not dare to try. And other way is easier: Using data recovery software to have a try to recover the files on my phone. I found one which named uFlysoft Data Recovery is good because the scanning speed is fast, the recovery ability is good, it is an easy to use software which has powerful function like below:

    Support FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT file recovery

    Support undelete, unformat, partition file recovery, and recover files from many file loss situation

    Support recovering files according file name and support Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, 3GP, MP4, RMVB, MOV, CDR, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, ZIP, RAR, NEF, CR2 etc file formats recovery

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/WINDOW 7

    Minimum memory: 512 M

    What Users Should Pay attention To

    The thing we should never do is putting any new files into the partition which we lost our files from. Because the new put files will make a big damage to the “lost files” even make data recovery become impossible. So don’t put any new files into the partition and shut down the apps which are unnecessary to run. And then use the professional data recovery to recover the files as soon as possible.

    After file loss happens, the files are not really deleted. When you operate the deletion command, the operating system is going to free up the space of the files so that this space can be used by any new files you will put into the drive later. At this moment, the files are not available to be read or wrote, and you cannot find them anywhere on your hard drive. There is still chance for you to get it back.

    But if you put any new files into the path where the lost files were stored before, you may cause the data overwritten situation and you will lose the chance to recover the files. Why? Because the new files may take the space of the “deleted files”, once they take the space, the “deleted files” which can be recovered before the data overwritten happen will be lost forever. That’s why I mention so many times in this article: Don’t put any new files into the partition.

    But you can still try the professional and simple way to get the files back-modify the registry like the professional computer users. But as the normal users, this way is a little bit difficult because lots of users haven’t this kind of computer skills to handle this process and once anything wrong happens, it will bring a bad result. So, if users have not enough computer skills, don’t try this method.

    The Ability of uFlysoft Data Recovery

    More powerful undelete function: When use Shift+Delete to delete files from FAT 32, this file’s record will be damaged. When it is recovered by other data recovery software, it cannot be opened or opened but blank. But uFlysoft Data Recovery Software will fix this situation and recover the data.

    More comprehensive unformat ability: uFlysoft Data Recovery will scan FAT, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT as well as scan the partition. This will make the data recovery more completely.

    Fast speed scanning of partition: uFlysoft Data Recover can speed the damage partition or the “cannot open” partition fast, only in few minutes. And it also support MBR and GPT partition, this can save the time of scanning.

    Notes We Should Take

    The thing we don’t want to see when data recovery is processing is the second time damage, this will make data recovery become more difficult. Here is the things we should not do.

    Don’t do the DskChk Check

    In the normal situation when we meet file system error, the computer will ask if we want to do DskChk check when we turn on (or restart) our computers again. If we don’t do any operation, the check will be operated after 10 seconds. This operation some times can fix the damage of some catalog files, but more it will do is destroy the data. So if data loss happens, do let the DskChk check run.

    Don’t Format the Partition Again

    The first time formatting which cause data loss happen like format FAT32 to NTFS, or format NTFS to FAT32, this problem can be solve and recover data is easy. But if users format it again, it will make a big damage and it will make data recovery become impossible.

    Check more details on our official website uFlysoft studio whenever you want to get more technical supports.

    Get Back Lost Photo Files after Emptying Mac Trash Bin

    Are files gone permanently after emptying Mac Trash Bin?

    Have you ever accidentally emptied your Mac Trash Bin? Some Mac users who do not know about the actual file removal process think that emptying the Mac Trash Bin means removing the files permanently. This misconception causes them to give up the chance to recover files from Mac Trash Bin. Actually the deleted files are not gone permanently. We can recover files from Mac Trash Bin as long as the files are not overwritten by new deleted files.

    What happened after emptying Mac Trash Bin?

    When we emptied Mac Trash Bin, what we actually deleted is not the file itself. The operating system simply loses the access of the file, as the pointers between files and file system index are deleted. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as "available to reuse", so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. The files will be only deleted when they are overwritten by new files. In order to prevent overwriting we need to stop using the Mac immediately if we want to recover deleted files from Trash. So are there any chances to recover deleted files from trash? Let’s just keep reading, and then you will find the answer.

    Chances of Recycle Bin Recovery

    Because the Mac operating system doesn't immediately reuse the space from deleted files, it's a plain and simple job for us to undo Mac Trash Bin. But the probability of files recovery successfully decreases substantially the longer we use the computer after selecting "Empty Mac Trash Bin" option, because the computer OS may overwrite this little free space very quickly with temp files. The greatest chance of Mac Trash Bin recovery is to stop using the Mac once we wrongly emptied the Mac Trash Bin. Thus, there will be a higher chance to recover deleted files after emptying Mac Trash Bin. Here we just use the most common file-picture files as an example to show you how to recover deleted picture after emptying the Mac Trash Bin.

    Achieve Picture Recovery from Recycle Bin

    To achieve picture recovery, we strongly suggest uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, a professional and easy-to-use data recovery tool for Mac OS users with any computer-level.

    List of Some Significant Features:

    1. The software can recover lost/missing logical drives.

    2. Photo recovery is possible even after the formatting of hard drive.

    3. You can easily recover lost media files using this powerful media data recovery software.

    4. If you have accidentally deleted important media files using Shift+Del keys or by deleting them after emptying the Mac Trash Bin, then this recovery software can help you recover that deleted data.

    5. Complete hard drive media data recovery ensured. Recovery is possible from hard drive, USB, Zip drive, floppy drive and other such media.

    With it, what you need to do is just do only a few clicks works and then you will find you recover picture files from Mac Trash Bin easily by yourself.


    1. Do not store the recovered data in the path where you lost them before or you will not be able to get them back again.

    2. If you want more details please visit our official website:

    Get the Lost Data Back from External Hard Drive on Mac

    Every computer has a hard drive used to store various types of programs and data. There is usually only one in a computer and this leaves it vulnerable in a number of ways. Internet viruses, Trojan horses, drive failures – even your kids accidentally deleting folders can cause loss of data. Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost all your family photos, your email or even your favorite music. As daunting as this may seem, there is an easy and practical solution –an external hard drive.

    External hard drives store your valuable data and add a considerable level of safety and security. This is because external hard drives are located outside the computer and allow you to keep a backup copy of all your important files - your tax records, email archives, photos, and more. For sensitive data, an external drive can be unplugged after it’s used and stored in a secure location. When it’s time to use it again, you simply plug it back in and all your data is available again.

    It seems external hard drive can keep your data safe, right? But every coin has two sides, no matter how safe it is, external hard drive sometimes cannot avoid the data loss because of the reasons below.

    Cause of Data Loss

    Some people say that the external hard drive is strong enough to keep your data away from the virus infection so that you won’t lose your data. Maybe they are right, but do you think that some data loss will be caused by our human being? Here are some examples.

    1. Wrongly deletes the files

    Have you ever deleted the files but you want them back later? Or will you just deleted the files because a whole day work makes you so tired that you wrongly deleted your files?

    2. Accidentally formatting

    Sometimes you will find that your external hard drive is full of the things which are you no longer needed and you format it. “O Lord! What I’ve done? I forgot some precious photo/videos are still in the external!”

    Perform External Hard Drive on Mac

    After reading the information above, will you still say external hard drive is strong enough to keep you data safe? Maybe yes, but we can not 100% to avoid this situation happens, right? So, to solve the problems above, a third-part recovery tool to perform external hard drive data recovery is strongly needed. Here I suggest uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, a powerful and high reputation media data recovery tool which helps you to get back lost photo, video and audio files from your external hard drive.

  • Best Features of uFlysoft Data Recovery

  • 1. The software can recover lost/missing logical drives.

    2. External Hard drive data recovery is possible even after the formatting of hard drive.

    3. You can easily recover lost media files by using this media data recovery software.

    4. If you have accidentally deleted important media files using Shift+Del keys or by deleting them after emptying the Recycle Bin, then this external hard drive recovery software can help you recover that deleted media data.

    5. You can get back large amount of media data from corrupted/formatted hard drive (recovery of data of size even up to Terabyte).

  • Supported File Types, File Systems, Storage Devices and Mac OS

  • File Types: Almost all media file types

    File Systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & NTFS5

    Storage Devices: USB Digital Media, Pen Drive, Zip Drive, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive and many more

    Operating Systems: Mac OS.

    For more details please visit our official website: